Seasonal delights

I’m working (eating through) another What I Ate Wednesday post, but in the meantime, I had to share two of my recent Trader Joe’s finds:

Tjs goodies

the tea is an old favorite (I buy an insane amount when they’re about to get rid of it for the rest of the year)

and a new love.


As easy as it would be for me to kill the bag, I’ve been enjoying two at a time since 4 of these tiny things = 200 cals.

I also picked up some of this, which I’ll probably have to work up a little bravery to consume:

Photo 35

Huge anchovy fan so I’m hoping it’s kinda similar?

This morning at work was a blast. I’ve been teaching a class for the past few weeks using the Ballast ball, and today I only had one person, so we did the workout together. My arms are already aching, so it’s good to know that I got in a little strength training today. I was on call this afternoon, and they ended up not needing me, so it was a nice surprise to get a little half day with Oliv. She’s napping now, but I’m excited to take a neighborhood walk with Liv and Bellerton when they both wake up. 

Sleeping bell

The plan is to film a little YouTube video later tonight, and the Facebook win was Zumba, but I’m wondering how to do it with the music restrictions. Last time I used a Pitbull song, the video was blocked in multiple countries and ended up not being worth it. HIIT instead? Film it anyway and pray? Haha.

I’m off to read and relax for a little while, but I hope you’re all enjoying the afternoon!



What seasonal treats are you most excited about? Any new fun Trader Joe’s finds?  

New on the Family page: Liv’s tree!

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  1. TJ’s smoked trout is amazing! There aren’t any bones to remove, so that’s a plus. I think it tastes like a lighter, less fishy tuna. I love it!

  2. I LOVE TJ’s Candy Cane Green Tea and am actually drinking a mug of it right now! I’m going to have to try those dark chocolate truffles. I’m a little obsessed with all things chocolate and peppermint! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Do a Zumba video with your own routine

  4. Another member of the candy cane green tea obsessed club! I’ve picked up 4 boxes so far and plan to get at least that many more tomorrow when I’m at TJ’s. It’s my absolute favorite!

  5. OMG gina I”m weirded out. I bought those exact TJ items last night. Obsessed with the tea and chocolate

  6. I love the pic of little Belly sleeping…so sweet ♥

  7. I love that smoked trout! I don’t think it tastes much like anchovies but it’s delicious.

  8. Those candies look delicious! I want several 🙂

  9. Do the zumba rutine without music and put the music choices in the info section. Or something like that. But a zumba video would be awesome!
    I absolutely LOVE when I am the only one in the class because it forces me to work out hard becasue I can’t hide in the back of the class and not get as good of a workout. I love it so much. The best workouts I have had have been one on one without having to pay for one on one!

  10. Ok, I’m officially 100% obsessed with that tea. I’m so glad you mentioned they take it off the shelves post season — I will need to stock up STAT! I’ve been having it with some stevia & coconut milk, it’s sooooo tasty! Have you tried TJ’s dark chocolate with caramel & black sea salt bar? It’s not new but it’s amazing!

  11. Zumba!!!! I have been hoping you would do one!

  12. i mean that picture of bella….i die. SO CUTE

  13. Oh my goodness, the truffles! I don’t have a Trader Joe’s so I just e-mailed my dad and asked him to pick some up. I told him they have important nutrition in them for growing fetuses so hopefully he believes me!

  14. Hmmmm, maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t have a Trader Joes anywhere near me?? Ok, scratch that, I really want one here! I go through major TJ withdrawal, I’ve only shopped there while on vacation. We always want what we can’t have!!

  15. I LOVE that tea from Trader Joes and I wish they had it year round. I also like their seasonal/Holiday Vanilla and Cinnamon Black Tea…!!

  16. I didn’t know TJ’s had a version of this tea, I have always loved the Celestial Seasonings one. It is also seasonal, candy cane green tea. Have you tried the TJ’s sipping chocolate? So good with a little almond milk!

  17. Are the chocolates dairy SBD gfree?? Pretty please say yes 🙂

  18. SBD otherwise known as “and”…. darn autocorrect!

  19. I don’t even like cheese straws (do they have them in the US?), but I know I’m gonna eat them each and every Christmas time. Funny how certain foods are just associated with happy memories – not much in life has such power.

  20. I indulged in a few TJ’s Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joe’s over the Thanksgiving weekend. Good thing there’s only 10 in the box b/c they’re 140 calories each. But, Oh.So.Delicious. I love chocolate & mint any thing (especially dark chocolate, & peppermint), but this is a real standout!

  21. Their seasonal items are the best! For me, their white choc chips are seasonal although in some states, they have them year round. As is their bread yeast and some baking supplies are only available pre-holidays. And they have so many chocolate, bonbons, truffles, coffees, crackers that are seasonal – I went in their with a budget and list the other day b/c it could get dangerous for me otherwise 🙂

  22. I love peppermint green tea! I have the Celestial Seasonings brand. Is it bad I still have my box from last year?

  23. I loooooove smoked trout – the stuff is addictive 🙂 My favorite restaurant used to have an amazing breakfast of smoked trout, asparagus, poached eggs and a drizzle of creme fraiche.

    I’m now drooling all over my computer.

    It would be totally easy to replicate at home though. Another favorite (but with fresh trout) is poached trout with pesto smeared across the top – it’s seriously to die for. If I was going to be limited to one kind of fish for the rest of my life it would be trout, hands down.

  24. I LOVE the candy cane tea! I’ve been stockpiling it too. 🙂 I haven’t tried the truffles yet, but I’ve gone through 2 bags of peppermint pretzel slims since they can back. Luckily, the bags aren’t huge!

  25. I find if you use more obscure songs they don’t get blocked, so use a Zumba original from a ZIN or MM that you made up your own choreo for and you should be fine.

    Meanwhile, candy cane truffles? Why or why can’t we have a trader joes here!?!?!? I want some!!

  26. My husband loves TJ’s maple cookies that they sell during this time of year. We just picked up a box tonight!

  27. Love your work!

  28. film it silent or whatever and let us know which song you used! we’ll blast it on our iTunes at home? 😉

  29. Love that picture of Bella! How cute. I was just at Trader Joe’s today. Wish I had seen this. I would love to try out that tea!

  30. I was afraid to try the smoked trout too but it is really good! I’ve mixed it in with pasta and rice dishes and had it on top of salads.

  31. I wish we had a TJ’s because I could go for that tea!

  32. There are way too many delicious seasonal eats to get excited about, but I’m secretly the happiest that we’ve finally moved on from pumpkin and on to tastier things like the peppermint/chocolate combo 😀

  33. Film it anyway!

  34. I absolutely love Trader Joe’s smoked trout. While its excellent straight from the can, I think you’ll really like it as my favorite open faced sandwich. First, toast a slice of bread. Smear some Dijon mustard (or the dijon sauce from TJ’s) on said bread. Smush 1/2 an avocado in a bowl. Mix in 1/2 or more of the tin. Put avocado mix on bread.

  35. I am into holiday teas too! You should try Bigelow’s ginger snappish! Its super tasty and has a pretty strong flavor.

  36. Love that tea! I stock up every season and drink a cup or two a night. I didn’t see those chocolates the other day I was there, but I did buy the cocoa covered kettle corn – so good! Great combo of salty and sweet, but a bit dangerous because I could polish off the bag if I’m not paying attention 🙂

  37. I must get my hands on those truffles; I know my mama would love ’em too.

    The tea is a seasonal favorite 🙂

  38. I LOVE candy cane joe joes at tjs. I trusted buying a package the other day when I was there. I’m a little scared for next weeks shopping trip…too many treats to buy! Can’t wait to try the tea

  39. That’s cool! I use to love those ‘different’ flavoured candy canes- like the pink strawberry ones and I think there were orange striped ones? mm. Some random info just cause..I use to such the candy cane with the straight end first until it was sharp and pointy haha. What weird habits we get right?

  40. There are very few things I don’t like from Trader Joe’s, so hopefully the trout works out for you…you’re braver than I am! I’ll have to pick up the truffles next time I’m there…which will probably be tomorrow 🙂

  41. I’ve tried that tea once and I loved it! But since we don’t have TJs here in Canada I always buy the Celestial Seasonings candy cane tea, which tastes pretty much the same to me.

    My favourite seasonal treat is President’s Choice candy cane chocolate chunk ice cream. It’s heavenly!

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