Smoked Salmon Quinoa Hand Rolls

This is a sad story about some rice

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(but a happy story about some homemade sushi rolls).

That would be the leftover rice from Pei Wei, which ended up having a slumber party in my trunk. It’s easier to forget about leftovers in the car nowadays. For a split second, I debated eating it until I actually opened the trunk and smelled said rice. I had grand plans for these nori rolls with smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado, but that crucial ingredient went to the depths of the trash can.

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Quinoa to the rescue:

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I had made a small batch to enjoy on salads this week and figured it would be a great substitute in a pinch.

It ended up being a quick, easy snack idea: crisp nori, smooth and salty salmon, creamy avocado and filling quinoa.

Here’s what I did:

Spread a few nori sheets with quinoa and topped with avocado

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added smoked salmon, sliced cucumber, rolled it up, wetting the edge with water to seal,

and made a little wasabi mayo dipping sauce. 

Wraps  1 of 1 2

-1 T mayo

-1 T wasabi (I like it to burn on the way down, so please adjust amount according to your spiciness preference)

-splash tamari

-garlic powder

Perfect, portable snack and it took about 5 minutes to put together.

What’s your latest quick lunch/snack combo? Do you ever make sushi at home? 

Hope you’re having a lovely evening <3



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  1. These look very tasty, will definitely be making this! Thanks!

  2. That sounds amazing!!!

  3. So simply and sounds so good!

  4. Yum! I need to find me some nori paper. My latest spread is garbanzo beans + avocado + sriracha sauce and I even wrote about it earlier, .

    It’s always the in a scurry things that turn out the best!

  5. These look incredible. I tried to make sushi rolls a couple of weeks ago and it was a big fat fail! I ended up eating it all from a bowl lol.

    I have some cooked quinoa in the fridge and my sushi-hating husband will be at work tonight so I think I know what I’m trying for dinner!

  6. Quinoa looks like a great healthy substitute! I really need to make homemade sushi more!

  7. I love Quinoa! I always make a big bowl at the beginning of the week and throw it in almost every meal 🙂 My quickest lunch is a zucchini Frittata. I love it and I always have the stuff at home.

  8. Delish and I will also try with either shrimp or baked salmon.
    Did u get the nori at trader joes?
    I never had it before and want to try. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Favorite snack lately ~ Avocado on whole wheat toast, sprinkled with chili pepper flakes. Mmmm.

  10. I make homemade sushi sometimes, but it’s never quite as satisfying as going out for sushi. I love the idea of using quinoa though. I’m definitely going to try this!

  11. I would love to make homemade sushi, but can never find Nori. Think Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods would have it? I’d really like to make it, but not having nori makes it difficult!

  12. I really want to make some sushi. I love eating it so why not? Looks great!

  13. Ok, wow these look delicious and easy to throw together in a time crunch!

  14. When you use avacado, do you use the whole thing? I’m the only one who eats it and I can’t eat a whole one at once. Well, I could, but I shouldn’t. ; ) I’ve never been able to figure out how to cut and save it without it turning brown. Any suggestions?

    • Fitnessista says:

      i use a little less than half, so the pit is still in the other side. the reserved side will go in a baggie in the fridge and then i just scrape the brown part off.

      • I read somewhere if you spray the unused side(s) with cooking oil/pam that it won’t turn brown–I’ve tried it and worked pretty well for me! Hope this helps!

      • I read somewhere if you spray the unused side(s) with cooking spray/pam that it won’t turn brown–I’ve tried it and worked pretty well for me! Hope this helps!

  15. I have been craving sushi for literally a month straight now. Hubs even picked us up some for lunch last weekend. I thought it would cure me. Um, no. It made it 10x worse because it reminded how freaking good it is. I’ll have to pick these ingredients up and give this a shot at home next week!

  16. Very innovative! I hate when food accidentally gets left in the car overnight, but you certainly made up for it with the quinoa. I need to try making my own veggie sushi someday soon

  17. That’s awesome!!!

  18. I would never think to put quinoa in place of rice…great idea!

  19. ugh i have left stuff for a “slumber party in the car” a few times and i get so mad at myself!

  20. Looks delicious and I will definitely try it. Instead of mayo (since I can’t stand it), I think I’d use some cream cheese (I’m a nice Jewish girl from NY who LOVES her lox and a schmear).

    I always feel a little guilty ordering smoked salmon sushi in a restaurant but now I can make it at home – with quinoa! My little Registered Dietitian angel wings are all aflutter!!

  21. I am going to try this! My latest quick dish is to mash chickpeas with and avocado and some salsa. I then scoop it up with a tortilla. So good and quick!

  22. Love me some sushi! I do like to make it at home and recently found chipotle seasoned whole nori sheets at whole foods. I am going to to make some spicy tuna/avocado/cucumber hand rolls this weekend with it. Yum! Sushi is SO easy to make at home. The prep work is what takes the most time!

    Fastest easiest lunch as of late is 1)Stare at what is in the fridge- leftover roasted veg/ protein like turkey or salmon, other veggies, avocados, strawberries, etc. 2) pile it all on a bed of greens of choice for a salad beast 3) enjoy! 🙂

  23. Great idea! I’ll definitely give these a go!

  24. My personal favourite quick snack combo has to be a bagel with blue cheese, salted butter and slices of smoked salmon (some are available in pepper or whiskey flavoured ones). Quickly done yet utterly delicious!

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