Some race weekend pics

Kyle, Meg, Lindy and Luna are here! 

IMG 8715

The boys driving the pups to the dog park:

Photo 81

Sunday brunchin’:

Photo 77

(and “almost-bottomess” mimosas. Do they have to put that in quotes to keep people from taking it super literally?):

Brunch  1 of 1

A great race (and new PR! I’ll have a fun recap in the am):

Photo 79

With Meghann and Meb!

Photo 80

Petco Park:

Photo 78

The best bowl of crudités I’ve ever seen:

Veggie bowl  1 of 1

(PS I found out we have a True Food and Seasons 52 here THIS WEEKEND. How did I not know?!)

Tiny hat-stealer <3

IMG 7427

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend <3

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  1. Can’t wait to hear about the race!!!! Congrats!

  2. I always get the crudites at True Food. They’re amazing!

  3. Congrats on the PR!! Can’t wait to read the recap!

  4. Melissa says:

    Congrats on the PR! I didn’t even realize you were running a half and then went back through your posts and found a few tiny references. I was just wondering why you don’t document your training? I love when other bloggers do that and since you are more of my type of runner, it would have been great to hear more about it and for you to promote it more. Was it supposed to be kept secret?

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you!
      no, it wasn’t meant to be secret. i was really scared about jinxing myself so i didn’t talk much about it. when i made a big splash last time, i got injured and i got some tough comments about it, so i didn’t feel like dealing with it again if something were to happen. i did orange theory and one long run each week- all of my training stuff will be in the recap post tomorrow 🙂

  5. Those brown shoes! Outfit details please 🙂

  6. Caroline looks soooo happy in that picture from the car ride!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Way to go, Gina!!! Hope you’re having a great time with your family. Can’t wait for the recap!

  8. Congrats! What was your PR if you don’t mind me asking?

  9. Hey Gina,

    Loved the brown sandals. Do you mind posting where you got them and the brand. Super cute.
    Thank you.

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you! they’re from you pay 39.95 a month and get a pair of shoes. i wasn’t really a shoe person before, but it has transformed me 😉

  10. Gina, Way to go on your race! I’m excited to hear about it!!! Also, Season’s 52 is quite possibly my FAVORITE place ever. Foods great but dessert makes me VERY happy.

  11. Lindsey says:

    True Food Kitchen is my favorite! I’ve been to the one in Newport and also Phoenix, didn’t know they had one in San Diego too!

    I love both of your dresses and your brown sandals. Can you give outfit details?!

  12. Congrats on your PR and a fabulous weekend! I love the dress you are wearing in the picture with Meghan. Do you mind sharing where it is from? I am not a frequent poster, but I read your blog religiously and so enjoy every post. Thank you!

  13. Congrats on a great run! Looking forward to hearing your recap and would love to hear your training sched in preparation for the race. I’m preggo (AGAIN!) but my goal will be to run a 1/2 next summer, so I’ll need all the advice I can get 🙂

  14. I love caro and luna’s face in the car picture….adorable!

    congrats on the PR! =]

  15. I love the coordinated outfit s in the first pic.

  16. Congrats on your new PR! That’s amazing! I’m looking forward to hear more about the race!

    Your brunch looks delicious and so does the “almost-bottomless” mimosa!

  17. Love the dress! Details, please! 🙂

  18. I love Luna’s look in the car photo! That bowl of crudités looks yummy, but what was that delish looking dish next to it?

  19. Allison says:

    Where did you go for the brunch? Would you recommend it? (:

  20. Looks like youre havig a great time! Makes me miss living in SD

  21. Congrats on the PR! Looks like a great overall weekend 🙂

  22. SOOOOOO MANY AWESOME PICS! LOVE YOUR MAXI! love that brunch pic and CONGRATS on the PR!!!!!!!!

  23. Brunch is always better with mimosas!!

  24. <3 your maxi dress!

  25. congrats on your new PR!

    the brunch and “almost bottomless” mimosas look delicious! there’s nothing better than brunch following a half marathon 😉

  26. Such fun weekend pics! Love Livi’s little hand dipping in the syrup!

  27. Yay for fun visitors 🙂

    Huge congrats on your PR!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jessica B says:

    So, i have to ask – did you all plan the color combo in the first photo? I am loving the navy and white 🙂

  29. That Sunday brunch looks amazing… and those cute little hands!

  30. I’m just catching up on blog reading, since I just got back from vacation in…San Diego! haha- it was SUPER fun and I’m so jealous that you live there. I’m seriously trying to find a way to relocate. Anyway, funny you mention it, because the first place we went after leaving the airport was Seasons 52! I totally thought of you 🙂 It was glorious!!! Congrats on the PR 🙂

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