some weekend pics

Hi! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend <3 We’ve been hanging out here, enjoyed an awesome family dinner at the Joint and hung out with our cousins.

Roses  1 of 1 3

Roses  1 of 1 4

San Diego even got a welcomed surprise: rain!! Haven’t seen much of that since we moved here.


A trip to the Italian bakery:


Short naptime spin sesh while watching mindless TV (aka Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders).

Spin sesh

Making the best brownies:

Making brownies

First time trying Shakeology! WHY IS IT SO GOOD?! And the second question is WHY IN THE WORLD IS IT SO PRICEY?! My friend Elizabeth sent some sample packs of the vegan flavors, and I want to swim in the chocolate. I just don’t know if I’ll justify ordering it; my $20 Raw Fit from the BX has been working out well for me.


Friends at the dog park:

Photo 2 4

My little love <3

Photo 1 4

Have a beautiful night and I’ll see ya in the am.



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  1. Omg Livi with the dogs at the park! Too cute.

    I’ve never tried Shakeology. I’m currently loving GNC’s PureEdge Energy. I drink it in the morning while getting ready for work.

  2. I won a bag of Shakeology in a gift basket and thought the same thing! I want to swim in it…but no way can I justify (or afford) to spend that much on protein! I’ll go back to GNC Lean Shake when my free bag is gone. You know I’ll be scraping the sides of the bag!

  3. Aw that face the puppy is making to Liv, it melts my heart! =)

  4. We loved shakeology, but extremely expensive. Glad to hear you are getting some rain in California. Finally nice weather here in Colorado after a soggy week. Enjoyed a wonderful farmer’s market and family time this weekend!

  5. Shaina Anderson says:

    You really don’t have to work very hard to make enough money to cover your shakeology if you want to go the coach route! That’s what I’m doing. 🙂

  6. Ah I love shakeology! I am a beachbody coach and have had great success,,down 18lbs and I was recently clinically proven so worth the $ in my opinion!

  7. I won Shakology a while back and loved it too – besides that it is pricey, I would ruin myself with the shipping costs 🙂

  8. Alexandra says:

    Liv baking is too cute!! Curious what you put in your shakeology? I’ve randomly had a packet of the chocolate vegan for a while -a friend gave it to me to try – but have yet to test it out! May have to test it out today!

  9. I’ve never tried Shakeology but have been interested because I always hear great reviews. However, it seems pricey and difficult to get your hands on if you aren’t signed up for one of the workout programs.

  10. Amazing weekend picks! Friends at DogPark is the most beautiful one!

  11. geez, that puppy is adorable!

  12. I loved Shakeology but am taking a break from it while preggo. I think you need to think of the price as including a combo of herbal supplements rather than just straight protein powder. There is maca and wheatgrass and spirulina and chlorella and all kinds of other stuff in there that would be super expensive if you purchased and took them separately. If you don’t care about the herbal superfoods, definitely don’t spend the extra money! Though I also found it was the ONLY protein powder I could drink straight with just ice and almond milk without adding PB and banana and a bunch of other stuff to make it taste drinkable.

  13. LOVE the photo of Livi and the puppy!!!!!!

    Your blog friend Gina (from Massachusetts)

  14. Your little girl is super adorable ! God bless!!

  15. Awww love the pic of Livi with the little dog. She’s such a cutie.

    I’ll admit I bought a bag of Shakeology, just because I like to try different protein supplements. My friend who’s a Beachbody coach sold it to me for a little cheaper. It’s the green berry flavor, tastes like fruity pebbles. The only problem is, my blood sugar drops about 2 hours after drinking it, unless I have more protein with it. So yeah, not a huge fan, especially with the price. Also, while the herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements in it are great, a lot of people I know seem to think it replaces real food–something I disagree with.

    I hope your thumb is healing up quickly! Stitches are the worst 🙁

  16. Italian bakeries…yes!

  17. 20 for raw fit??! what size?

  18. Pretty Roses and Livi looks so precious at the dog park and baking. She is just too cute. Bakery– yumm!

  19. I’ve tried the vegan chocolate and vanilla and I can’t stand either one of them! The chocolate is just way too chocolatey for my taste and the vanilla in no way tastes like vanilla. I just tried the greenberry this morning and it’s much more tolerable. But it is way too expensive to make it my everyday protein powder.

  20. At first, I didn’t see the bike in the picture and thought, wow- a spin sesh in that swivel chair sounds so fun!

  21. I absolutely love vegan chocolate Shakeology, I have been drinking it almost daily for 18 months and FEEL IT (negatively) when I miss a couple of days in a row for some reason. It’s definitely more than the run of the mill protein shake with all of the nutrients in the formula. For me the fact that it is clinically proven to help a person lose weight and lower cholesterol is key. The best part of Shakeology for me though is the friendships I have developed and people I have met since starting to Coach.

  22. I just tried Shakeology for the first time and I LOVE the chocolate! It’s so . . . chocolatey? Yes. It tastes like liquid brownie and I love that.

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