Spring capsule wardrobe

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Thank you for the awesome feedback on the TRX workout. I hope you enjoy it if you give it a whirl! 

I thought it would be fun to do a more fashion-y type post today, especially since the sun is shining (sending some to my northeast friends) and the stores are file with spring gear.

When I first started the capsule wardrobe thing, I was really excited about streamlining my closet, and having a plan to stick to. The Pilot was also excited because I told him it would stop impulse clothing purchases. (By “excited,” I mean he danced around the room triumphantly before smashing a beer can and chest-bumping me.)

I did really well with the last capsule wardrobe (only purchasing a couple of extra items), and it was easy to transition to the cooler weather with a lot of pieces I already owned. Here’s what happened with winter capsule:

Green jacket. The end.

W the mixing bowl

I got this green jacket from JustFab (my invite link is here and the jacket is here) and wore it about 384728 times this winter.

Also, I realized that winter here in San Diego is pretty much like summer in Antarctica aka it doesn’t exist. I ended up just reusing my old beloved stuff, supplementing with some Stitch Fix goodies here and there (my SF boxes haven’t been great lately), and here we are, moving into spring!

I thought I’d put together a little spring/summer capsule list if you’d like to join in the fun + some of my top picks.

(Little note: I will probably be adding in Stitch Fix items here and there, but requesting more classic pieces. Workout clothes, genie pants, and pajamas don’t count.)

Spring summer capsule wardrobe

Am I missing anything on there? I was thinking about adding accessories, but I tend to stick with more classic type stuff and use it all year (like the beloved hobo bag and crossbody).

Here are some faves that I’ve found. The ones in bold are items (or similar) that are in my closet ready to go. The rest are things I would like to potentially add to the collection to serve as staples… or at least prevent random lululemon purchases. 😉

Spring capsule


White tee (these are my faves from Nordstrom Rack. $10 and fit really well)

White tank (needs to be replaced)

Black tee

Black tank (needs to be replaced)

Neutral tank

Patterned tank

Dressy tank (haven’t found one I’m crazy about)

Printed button-up

Chambray button-up

Lightweight jacket

Neutral sweater


Jean shorts

Skinny jeans

Flared jeans (so fun that these are coming back)

Boyfriend jeans

White jeans

Patterned or colored jeans

Patterned skirt


Neutral maxi

LBD (similar)

Printed dress (scoping out this one; on sale and so cute)

Casual romper (<— this is probably the least toddler mom appropriate one haha)

*I think I’d like to add a shirt dress in here, too. Love them with the athletic sneaks


Brown sandals

Black sandals

Neutral slip-ons ($40 at Target!) or Converse

Neutral heeled sandals (similar)

Fashion athletic shoes

(Sale tip: use the code SHOPPINGTIME for 20% off at J. Crew! BRSAVENOW for 40% off at Banana Republic)

What winter item did you get the most use out of? Are you getting excited for spring fashion, too? Bring on the dresses, tanks and sandals! 🙂 What pieces or upcoming trends are you loving for spring? Feel free to link away!



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  1. Good for you for sticking to the capsule wardrobe! I’ve seriously considered it a few times and then back out at the last minute. Although, I will admit that this winter I have been rewearing quite a few items from my wardrobe. My staples have been leggings, oversized sweater and boots!

  2. I love that green jacket! Very cute!

  3. Oh goodness, I love your blog for fitness inspiration, but was super excited to see a fashion post in my feed today, since that is my main obsession!

    I am also totally in spring mode, sick of cold weather, and ready for fun summer clothes! You have some great choices. I think I got the most use out of a comfy, slouchy cowl neck sweater from Banana Republic this winter. I am loving strappy sandals and open toed booties for spring.

    Something like this, which I would only wear on a date night with hubby. Not very practical for my stay at home mom lifestyle otherwise. 🙂


  4. Oh goodness, I love your blog for fitness inspiration, but was super excited to see a fashion post in my feed today, since that is my main obsession!

    I am also totally in spring mode, sick of cold weather, and ready for fun summer clothes! You have some great choices. I think I got the most use out of a comfy, slouchy cowl neck sweater from Banana Republic this winter. I am loving strappy sandals and open toed booties for spring.

    Sorry about that long URL, I couldn’t edit it, so here’s a URLless comment.

  5. This sounds like a great wardrobe plan! I would add a pair of gold gladiator sandals because they work just as well as neutral but add interest. As well as a long black maxi skirt – so versatile! And a sexy but classy day to night top to pair with jeans for a date or a pencil skirt and blazer for a meeting 🙂

    Effortless Chic – Fierce Femininity by Kora Rae

    • Ditto on the long black maxi skirt! Mine is a modal blend and amazing. I got mine at Gap a few years ago, and the waistband actually rolls down enough so that when I unroll it, I can wear it as a strapless dress! It’s my go-to on days when my brain can’t figure out what looks good together, but I need to look nice. With a statement necklace and jean jacket, I’m ready to work and play!

  6. I have a similar cargo-inspired jacket that I LOVED this winter, too! The drawstring around the waist is so flattering, and I that shade of green seems to go with everything in my closet!

    Always, Anita

  7. My favorite Winter staple has been my button-up flannel shirts with cute lacey tanks underneath for fun. I paired them with my super-skinny jeans, cuffed, & gray suede ankle booties. I accessorized with a big chunky rhinestone necklace.

  8. Don’t you just love those pieces you “get your money’s worth” out of?!


  9. Bethany Henderson says:

    I love this idea, but does thrifting count! Since moving to San Diego last year ( my hubs is a marine cobra pilot ), I find amazing things in San Diego thrift stores, last week on one trip, athleta dress, lululemon top, gucci cashmere cardigan, and paige jeans. Since moving here I have replaced all my jeans with Paige, Hudson, and AG, and haven’t paid more than $5 a piece! I also find something from anthro 95% of the time! San Diego is an amazing place to hunt for treasures. I agree with the button up flannel shirt, I found a vintage LL Bean flannel last week! 🙂 He is actually getting out this summer and joining the air force ( to fly KC135s ) so we can move back home…..and I’m going to miss thrifting in Cali the most…..well, besides having Disneyland season passes!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thrifting totally counts! and you’re right, san diego is AMAZING for thrifting. i never had much luck in tucson, but have found so many awesome things here, like the boyfriend jeans i linked above for $8 at goodwill

  10. I have been super interested in the wardrobe capsule thing, and absolutely love your spring capsule ideas! This is definitely inspiring me to actually try it out this spring!

  11. Booties got me through this winter. They were comfy and cold weather appropriate, but always made me feel put together. I’m dying for Spring weather and the days where I can dash out the door wearing only one layer!

  12. Here in NYC my heaviest cowl neck wool sweater has definitely gotten out the most this winter, together with the Tommie Copper compression tights that I’ve used every single day under my pants as long underwear, haha! Can’t wait for the first day I won’t need them, in something like another month maybe? (sigh)

  13. I got sooo much use out of my hat during winter in Canada! -30 degrees would have been even more brutal without it! I am all about streamlining my wardrobe, living out of my suitcase for the last six months has ingrained that in me haha.

    Ive gots a guest room and a spare closet 🙂

  15. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe, every time I down size my wardrobe I find life so much easier and I feel like I dress better. It seems like too much choice is overwhelming and I don’t dress as well.

  16. I have never heard of the idea of a capsule wardrobe before, and I like it. Do you then commit to only buying those pieces for the entire season? I might have to try this out! Seems like a great way to save money and actually own buy things that you’ll wear.

    • Fitnessista says:

      yes, for the most part! i won’t say “never buy anything else” because it’s kind of like saying you can’t have a brownie; makes it more tempting 😉 it’s been a great way to save money, especially since i tend to rotate between the same things anyway

  17. Thanks for the link to the jacket. I had a credit for JustFab so I am going to give it a try, even though I won’t be able to wear it for a few months here in NJ! It looks like it is easy to pack for travel though. Thanks again!

  18. BRSAVENOW doesn’t work anymore 🙁 love me some retro NB’s!

  19. HI Gina! My staple this winter in Boston has been my cashmere sweaters…black specifically:= I am in dire need of a wardrobe clean out, as i just seem to buy buy buy and STILL have nothing to wear:( Did you get rid of a TON of clothes when you started ? I guess I need to read up on this capsule idea.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i did. i donated a ton, sold quite a bit on thred up, and stored the rest. it felt so good to clean out the things i wasn’t using and had held onto for whatever reason

  20. Totally love the green jacket! I got one last year and it somehow matches almost everything!

  21. I love fashion posts. Thanks for the ideas!

  22. I discovered JustFab around November and have been a fan. On trend stuff with great prices. Weren’t the sneakers ( ones which u walked on traedmill) in earlier posts from Just Fab too? I so got them, to run around for errands and wanted to say Yay..me too, but didn’t want a facepalm if they were some designer pricier ones :P. (Still facepalm if they were :/ ) Please please do some more fashion posts too..I love to read them as much as your fitness ones. You are so clued in to all the great online stuff!

  23. I wish I had your motivation/will power! I always make attempts to cut down my wardrobe but end up holding on to stuff ‘just in case’ meaning i have very full cupboards! This has inspired me to have a clear out though!


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