Stinky Veg

Hi guys 😀 It’s me againnnnnnn. 😉 How’s your night goin? I’m so glad ya’ll like the pasta primavera recipe- totally appropriate for this time of year!

I have a confession to make…


Kale is stinky.

Not just “put some deodorant on” stinky, but “haven’t-been-washed-in-two-weeks socks on a haven’t-bathed-in-two-weeks man” stinky.


It’s one of the very few veggies that has to be disguised for me to like it.

Either in raw chip form:

kale chips

Or raw massaged salad form:

kale salad (2)

I’ve also found that organic kale is less rank than the conventional version, so I will usually only make kale goodies after a Whole Foods trip (Valdizzy doesn’t have organic kale).

This afternoon, I decided to make use of both bunches by putting some raw kale chips into the dehydrator (the standard recipe is found here– I change it up a little though)

kale chips (2)

And making a massaged kale salad for lunch.

Super easy.

In a bowl, I put 1/4 avocado, 1 T rice vinegar, 2 t nama shoyu, garlic powder, sea salt, pepper (don’t be afraid to be generous with the seasonings), juice of 1/2 lime, 1 t extra virgin olive oil, cayenne and 1 t agave.


I mashed everything together with a fork:


And topped with 2/3 bunch of kale (ribs removed and saved for green juice and leaves torn into large bite-size pieces), a sliced carrot and 8 sliced grape tomatoes.

kale salad

Next was the fun part: massaging the kale. Hubba hubba 😉

You just use your hands to move the kale around the bowl, squeezing and making sure the dressing is evenly distributed. This takes about 3 minutes of so. Next, I like to let the kale stand for about 10 minutes so that the acid from the lime juice can break it down a little (giving it a “cooked” feel).

Topped with hemp seeds, it was pretty glorious.

kale salad (2)

What’s your favorite stinky veg???

Mine is broccoli, by a landslide 😀

egg and salad

(with 3 egg whites, onion, half a jar of 365 hot salsa –not joking- and a salad)

Any veggies you have to disguise to enjoy??

I used to do it with cauliflower all the time (mashed potatoes!), but now I love it raw 😀

Hope you all have a great night- I’m about to snuggle up with the puppers and watch the DWTS premiere.



Workout jam of the day: “Imma Be” by the Black Eyed Peas. I know it’s been around for a while but I’ve been singing it all weekend (and on Twitter- sorry guys, haha) and can’t. get. it. out. of. my. brain.

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  1. I lurve to disguise my veggies… with hummus, guacamole, in Indian cuisine;) I’ll take ’em any way I can!

  2. Haha I once made kale chips, put them in air tight containers (or so I thought) and put them in the pantry. I forgot about them and a week later my roommates were like ‘WHAT SMELLS SOOOO BAD!?!?!”

    They never figured it out but I threw those chips away in an instant.

  3. I love myself some veggies, I actually have more of a problem eating fruit than getting my greens in. However I do love me some good salad dressing as well – especially oil & balsamic and will use that to dip almost anything.
    Is there a reason you dehydrate your kale chips instead of cooking them or do you just like them better that way?

  4. I love broccoli too!!! So good!!! I love veggies….I don’t need to disguise them. 🙂

  5. Cauliflower is mine! Every time I steam up a batch, my husband says “What smells like butt?” Nice.

    I don’t have to disguise anything, but I tried kale once in a smoothie and didn’t care for it. Perhaps that’s one to work on!

  6. Brussel sprouts are my fav stinky veg!! My coworkers always complain about the smell when I bring them for lunch!

  7. The only veggie I’m really not a fan of is radishes, but I’ll still eat them. With dressing or lime juice.

  8. I roast cauliflower – I actually just did some tonight – until it is insanely crispy!

  9. I love cabbage and I think that’s certainly a stinky veg (or it can be).

  10. I don’t like raw spinach, but if it’s hidden in a smoothie or cooked into lasagna then I’m all for it!

  11. I definitely have to disguise kale too! I just made some kale chips last week – i usually make them in the oven for the quickness factor because i am new to the dehydrator thingy, so I often forget to prep my meals long before i want to eat them! But, this time I did them in the dehydrator – holy crap, so much better! They look green and vibrant instead of brown and lifeless…and for some reason, taste better :). But, yeah – I can’t eat kale plain – yucky!

    I love spinach, but I still disguise it a lot in smoothies…

  12. Mmm i want to try those kale chips!! I actually like most veggies, can’t think of one I have to disguise to enjoy…

  13. I think brussel sprouts and cauliflower are pretty stinky. Also if you are not careful, cabbage will stink up your house.

    I have a question for you. I know you eat fish and you often cook it at home. Does your house smell fishy too for a whole week? After I cook fish on the stove top, my place is so fishy, I want to fall over. Do you have any tips on how to prevent the process of cooking fish from stinking up my place. It’s not so bad when I cook it in the oven but than I don’t get that nice sear on it. Is there like some trick to it, like put lemon juice or something. I am just throwing ideas out there. I love fish but this problem has prevented me from eating it more often.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i usually cook fish with some kind of citrus, then put the used citrus down the garbage disposal. it pulverizes it and makes the house smell better. also, i’m a candle fanatic. the ones from bath and body works work the best (for me, at least) 🙂

  14. Ok, one your title of this post scared me for a minute because I totally thought is said Stinky something else. Haha then I went back and read more closely.

  15. I love broccoli, too! I don’t really think there is a veggie out there I don’t like. I probably wouldn’t have said that when I was younger, though

  16. It’s funny– everyone talks about the stink of kale, but I just never smell it in mine! Maybe because I always buy it organic?

  17. I’m so ready to try some Kale this weekend. I forget everytime I make my grocery list…won’t forget this time.

  18. I don’t think I’ve ever noticed Kale’s stank. My favorite (rank) veggie is definitely broccoli 😀

  19. I have yet to try kale! Even the stank won’t stop me (hopefully)..I don’t like eating cucumbers by themselves. They either have to be in a wrap, on a salad, or slathered in hummus 🙂

    I just “rediscovered” Imma Be this week too! I was so excited when you tweeted it earlier!

  20. Massaging the kale! LOL you crack me up! My favorite stinky veg is broccoli – love it but it’s not a great smell. 🙂 I have to disguise lots of stuff – beans, veggies, etc. in soups and casseroles – not a big fan of them standalone!

  21. I think the stinkiest veg is kimchi, but i guess its a mix of veggies. Not real sure.

  22. I have to disguise zucchini and eggplant… I love baba ghanoush & zucchini breads, etc, but I just can’t eat either plain!

  23. broccoli and i are exclusive. ok, maybe not, but i love the stuff! next up: cauliflower 🙂 SO GOOD! i like kale chips too – i’m hoping to save up for the dehydrator in the near future 🙂

    I gotta say, I haven’t had kale in a form that I’ve loved, but i LIKE it ok…

  25. i figure that if i’m going to have to disguise a veggie to eat it then i’m just not going to eat it, no matter how much of a powerhouse it is haha.

    and i freaking LOVE that song. it makes me want to dance every time i hear it 🙂

  26. Broccoli. I do not really disguise it but dice it up raw and put in my salad. The big pieces are gross and cooking it is even worse.

  27. Bridgette says:

    OMG…I love Kale, I think Broccoli stinks worse than kale but it’s all green 🙂 and good for you so eat it all up!

  28. i am so glad i am not the only one who eats half a jar of salsa on top of her meals!

  29. I have yet to try kale. And i love broccoli and cauliflower, they smell tasty on your breath, but i still love them

  30. broccoli is totally mine too and my hubby complains and hates it everytime I cook it!

  31. I have a hard time eating cauliflower raw – Im all about the faux mashed potatoes though!

  32. kale is stinky?? i buy organic and put 2 bunches in my morning smoothie daily and don’t think it has a scent?! maybe once you cook it?? hm

  33. Hey Gina, kale looks great and just read your opensky issue/question…I posted about this last week and the consensus I had from my readers was that it was lame. I admit, I feel the same way. Why would someone buy a $50 blender let’s just say from me, when they can get it for $40 on Amazon. Or even if it’s the same price or cheaper from me, it would take extreme loyalty for a person to forego amazon, ebay, or other online shopping outlets to buy from a blogger. It’s simple math…people want a deal and i dont actually think opensky has deals, ive seen $8 bags of flax seeds that are $2 in the store type of thing. Anyway write me more if you want to chat about it, but I discussed both open sky and formspring (i dont want to drop a link in here) but it was my post on March 17. And a follow up on the 18th and why i wont ever be doing either.

    Great question!

  34. For some reason, I prefer raw veggies to cooked [always have, even as a kid, which confounded my Mom, ha ha – maybe it has to do with the creamed corn my Grandmother always tried to feed me???!]. My favourites are broccoli [try this recipe: from Kristen, it’s AMAZING, especially with hemp oil – but I consider it about 6 servings, not the 3-4 she indicates], cauliflower, spinach, romaine or red lettuce, etc.

    I really loathe kale and can’t eat it – it tastes like death in a smoothie.

    My favourite workout jam of the moment is All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled, and I AHHHHHHHHHHHH! All I do is win win win no matter what….

  35. I love dark, leafy greens- kale, spinach, swiss chard….but only cooked. I do like spinach in GMs and Kale Chips… but in general I have to cook them up with just a hint of EVOO, s&p and I’m all good =D


  36. I LOVE raw kale. It’s terrific with some Asian dressing and dried cranberries. I also love broccoli too, but I have to disguise it to eat it raw. Cooked is much better.

    I don’t have to disguise spinach to eat it, but I LOVE salsa on spinach. I’m the same as you; give me all the salsa you can get!

  37. Brussel sprouts have been my bane…but I’m learning to love them. I can’t think of a veggie I don’t like. Love them all. Also, new at yoga, so I don’t know all the names, but I love the relaxation pose at the end…:-)

  38. I have to slightly disguise brussel sprouts. I have tried eating them raw…nasty:(

    Oh, and I tried broccoli fries from Whole Foods last night. The first ingredient is broc followed by some dehydrated potatoes. I thought it was yummy…the SO thought it was nasty at first, but they grew on him (especially with some sweet chilli sauce for dipping.) Best part, they are 20 cals a serving and have some of the nutrients of raw broc! I think you should try some time!

  39. Stinky veg = asparagus, but I adore it! Other than that, I don’t really have to disguise any veggies….mmmm…..maybe eggplant.

  40. I just ate an entire bunch of kale for lunch! It was organic from Whole Foods too! Lightly sauteed/steamed in a pan and topped with nutritional yeast (makes it SO good). Kale is definitely a fave stinky veg!

  41. Roasted broccoli is my fave but I never really thought it was smelly until someone else mentioned it on their blog. I think it might have been Heather from HEAB. I brought a bunch of roasted broc to work today until and yep, I nuked it in the micro to heat it up before I ate it. It stank a little but tasted delish!

  42. Oh my gosh! just made this salad, so delish! I found precut bags of kale at trader joe’s – I’ll definitely be going back soon to make this again. yummm!

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