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Barre Bootcamp- get your spot!

Hi friends!! How are you? Hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m so excited for this spring and summer, and all of the newness that’s headed our way. I’m also excited to get back in the routine following this crazy move. I have a little special something to share with you, and I’m SO excited.…

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later, Tucson + barre bootcamp is on the way

Hi friends! How are you doing?  What.A.Week. And the fun is just beginning! Sorry for being a little hit or miss this week. We spent a lot of time doing the move-out fun stuff (packing, cleaning, walk-throughs), checking into the hotel, and enjoying our last few days in Tucson.  The Pilot left on Tuesday morning…

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Barre Legs Workout

 Hi friends! Happy Thursday! New post up here on the PBB site for my postpartum mamas.  How’s the day going so far? We’re just hanging out, enjoying the awesome weather, and I’m excited to take a barre class later today.  This morning, I have a new workout for you!! This leg workout is barre-based, which is…

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get more out of your barre workout

Hiiiiii. Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re having a wonderful morning so far! Don’t forget to get your free Nekter Juice Bar juice or smoothie in the app (code FITNESSISTA) and check in with your Winter Shape Up workout here!! Today, I thought we’d chat a little bit about one of my very favorite classes to take…

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Lower Body Barre Burner {Video}

Hellooooooo. How’s the morning going? Hope you’re having a great day so far. This morning we’re off to the park and then planning for a fun staycation we’re doing later this week. Today I have a new video workout for youuuuuu + some tips for getting more out of your barre workout.  How to Get…

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Barre Tabata Workout {video}

Whaaaaaaaat. Happy Tabata Thursday, friends! Remember the good ol’ days when I used to post a Tabata workout on Thursday mornings? (And, you know, actually update my YouTube channel every so often.) Well, I’m back in video action. It felt so good to set up the tripod and film a couple of new workouts to…

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Holiday Barre Blast Workout

Hi friends! How’s the day going? Hope you’re having a lovely morning! I got in a super early Orangetheory class, and while waking up was a bit of a challenge (especially after a fun girls’ night last night!), it was awesome to get in a morning workout. I have a new Orangetheory-inspired treadmill workout that…

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Reader’s request: How to add barre workouts into your routine

Hi! How’s your morning going? It’s been a great one over here! I’m getting some work done before Livi wakes up, and am excited for some adventures later today. The Pilot and I had a lovely date night last night too 🙂 Since I’ve stared teaching (and taking) barre classes more frequently, I’ve been asked…

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