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Spiced chicken manchegos with house guacamole and calabacitas

Hey hey! Happy Indian Food Wednesday. 😉 I’m so happy to hear that so many of you are loving the new barre workouts! Katie and I had a blast making the videos, and I really enjoyed creating these workouts for you. I’m so pumped that you’re enjoying them! It’s interesting to get a glimpse of…

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Chicken with Mediterranean cauliflower rice

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! What’s going on this morning?? What’s on the workout agenda?? THANK YOU so much to those of you who have signed up for barre bootcamp already! I was blown away by the enthusiasm, and am so pumped that so many of you will be joining us for this 4-week challenge. I…

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Easy, healthy curry chicken salad turmeric wraps (Paleo and gluten-free)

There’s a mouthful for ya. This recipe combines crunchy spiced curry chicken, all wrapped up in a raw turmeric coconut wrap. It’s a great protein-packed lunch option that you can make it advance to enjoy throughout the week. It’s also gluten-free and Paleo. Boom. Hi friends! How’s the day going? Yesterday was a bit intense.…

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One-pan chicken with tomatoes, basil and feta

Dinner yesterday was one of those impromptu gems that turned out quite well: one-pan chicken with tomatoes, fresh basil and feta. I’ve got the recipe for you below, but first a little about our day because it felt more like a summery weekend day than a fall weekday. The Pilot was home since he has a lot of…

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