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oh hi, mom guilt

I wrote this post when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed. I think it’s still worth publishing, because I have a feeling some of my reader friends out there can probably relate. “Am I doing enough?” “Am I doing too much?” “Hot damn, I’m tired.”  (The side of P’s face is bruised from catapulting out of…

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You can do hard things

Hi friends. Hope you’ve having a wonderful day. I hope you don’t mind me hopping in here today with some thoughts and everything that’s been going on lately. With the great move, I’ve been thinking a lot about challenges and how so many things can change over time. A year ago today, I was recovering…

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Tucson bucket list: Sedona getaway

Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Did you do anything fun? Anyone else going crazy over the basketball games? My bracket is officially busted for the most part, and I lost the battle I had going with the Pilot. (If I won, I was going to get to sleep until 10am as my…

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Cold Remedies for Toddlers

P is officially over the virus funk she had a couple of weeks ago, and has been back to her spunky self. Having a virus is the worst, even as an adult, so I always feel terrible when the girls are sick. We spend a lot of time snuggling and taking it easy until they’re…

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Getting past the mom guilt to make time for your health

After I had Liv and was cleared to work out again, I was surprised to find that I didn’t want to. My world was crumbling because I was so sleep-deprived (take my sleep away, I drive the struggle bus), and I was still trying to figure out the logistics of caring for another human. I…

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Thoughts on Two

When we found out we were pregnant with P, I was totally shocked and overjoyed. At that time, I had no idea that the sesame seed growing in my belly would end up an almost 11-lb cuddlebug who would complement and magnify the smiles, love, and laughter that Liv had already brought into our lives.…

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{Family} How workouts have changed: end of third trimester

We’re down to the last haul. I think? I hope. It’s definitely hit the point where I’m convinced I’m going to be pregnant forever. Thank you again for all of your wonderful comments on my last post. I really appreciate all of the kind words, sweet emails, virtual hugs and support. <3 It also made…

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Pilot Becomes Dad: My Side of the Birth

Hi everybody. I hope you guys are doing well. As you probably know, Gina’s pretty busy these days, so when I offered to write a post about my perspective on the great day o’birthing, she didn’t argue too much. Well, it was a hell of ride from where I was sitting and I wasn’t even…

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Welcome to the Family page

Hey guys! Welcome to the Family page 🙂 On this page I’ll be blogging about all things pregnancy and family-related . If there’s anything you want to hear more about, just shoot me an email and let me know! (fitnessista at gmail dot com) Thank you so much for all of the love and support…

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