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Easy Garlic-Lime Salmon

Hi friends! How’s the day going?? Thank you so much for chiming in with your advice about P’s great crib escape. We’re doing the adjusted crib for now, and I’m googling Sleep Sacks like crazy. I thought for sure we wouldn’t have to worry about this for at least another year, but then again, she…

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Chopped avocado southwest salad

This morning, I have  new recipe for you, courtesy of my Uncle E. He has shared quite a few of his mouthwatering recipes with the blog world before, including this black bean soup idea, this lavender-honey salmon, the vegan soba noodle sushi, and his best ever pasta salad (<— It’s still one of my top-viewed…

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Harvest Turkey Meatloaf (gluten-free and dairy-free)

This recipe for meatloaf is brought to you by the cooler weather we’re finally having. Not only does it have me craving comfort foods, but I’m able to go for long walks with the dogs without huffing and sweating. Bella is always down, but since it’s taken Caro a while to get the hang of…

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The Best Black Bean Soup

This Black Bean Soup Recipe is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.  Oh friends, do I have an awesome spring dinner recipe for you.  Whenever I see my Uncle E the chef, he gives me amazing cooking tips. He is the mastermind behind this salmon, this vegan sushi, and the best pasta salad you will ever have…

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Berry lemon chia jam

Morning! So glad you’re also excited about the Summer Shape Up. It will be here one week from today! 🙂 I started a new thing where if we’re out of something, I’ll try to make it from scratch. This doesn’t work for the obvious staples (like eggs. We go through 172 each week), but little…

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Homemade Acai Bowls

Along with the handful of bases where we’ve been stationed, there’s also a corresponding food that will bring back fond memories of that assignment. Despite the glorious Southern food that we were surrounded with, our Valdosta food was Indian cuisine: soaked up with fresh naan and enjoyed with our close friends. Our Tucson food was…

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After my first at-home chicken pho experience, I’m convinced that it’s kind of like enchiladas: intimidating until you actually do it and realize how easy it is. Ok, so pho is a little more time-intensive, and you can’t exactly throw anything you have into the mix (like enchiladas! Enjoy this butternut squash, bean, goat cheese,…

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3-Minute Skinny Peppermint Mocha

Starbucks! They know me! Source I tend to stay away for the most part during the warmer months.. (which, let’s be real, is 97% of the time in Tucson.) I can make my own coffee at home, and save for the occasional iced green tea lemonade, it’s rare that I’ll hit up the SB drive…

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Healthy Egg Salad

The Pilot and I have always had pretty clear ideas of who does what in our little household. We each have our own *jobs*, from the normal everyday stuff (I cook, he does dishes, he vaccuums, I Swiffer and clean everything else, he takes out the trash and recycling), to the more unusual stuff. Like…

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