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we tried Juicero

aka the conversation starter in our kitchen. When Juicero reached out to me and asked if we wanted to try one of their new juicers, I hesitated. I have a juicer, it has collected dust for who knows how long, and I’ve been just buying juices for convenience sake. And then, I watched the video.…

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we tried Sunbasket

*This post isn’t sponsored. I just wanted to share our review and experience for anyone else who may be considering trying Sunbasket. Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great morning. The girls and I are hanging out around here, and I’m going to take an OTF class later today. P has been waking up during the…

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Weekly Fitness Must-Have: the Fitbit Alta

Today, let’s talk about fitness trackers! Soooooo I’ve tried out quite a few fitness trackers in my day. 🙂 Here are my reviews of the Fitbit Flex, Polar A360, Fitbit Charge, and Polar Loop. My current favorite tracker of the group: For the past few months, I’ve been using and loving the Fitbit Alta. 

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