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Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday! The weekend is in sight! Is it just me, or has this summer flown by? It’s crazy to think that we’re already back in school season. My fitness classes this week have been PACKED since everyone is getting back in the swing of things after vacations and school breaks. I love it!

Today is our anniversary!

Here we are 9 years ago,

IMG 2106


IMG 2112

IMG 2108


IMG 2110 (we were so tanned… and rested. haha)

and here we are now.

Us before auction

The fam 2

W dad and p

The girls 2

(All of my past anniversary posts are here!)

So much has changed in those 9 years, and my heart is so full. Who would have thought we’d have such amazing babies together?

It’s been one of our more challenging years, but we make a good team. One of us always swoops in to help the other, and I’m thankful to have this guy by my side.

Our sitter was free last night, so we celebrated a night early! I’ll definitely share some pics in tomorrow’s Friday Faves post. It involved guacamole and fab dessert, so it was definitely a great celebration. 🙂

FullSizeRender 32

I was so excited to share a new slow cooker recipe with you today, but it was a giant flop. Tuesday night, I knew i’d be gone teaching barre, so I wanted to make sure that dinner was taken care of. I saw a recipe on Pinterest, and thought it would be fun to use it as inspiration for a slow cooker coconut curry dish. I’ve made a few different curries (here, here, and here!) but I liked switching it up with the yellow curry power. It had a bold, delicious curry flavor, but I should have listened to my gut when I thought I should wait to add the coconut milk in later. I added it before cooking as the recipe suggested, and it confirmed my thoughts that the milk would get curdled and weird. Thank goodness for Pizza Port, right? 😉


(It started out nicely then quickly went downhill.)

This week I’ve taught Spin, hot barre, Spin, and tonight is Cardio Barre. I’m excited for a rest day tomorrow and a little staycation that we’ve had planned. 

Just wanted to stop in and say hello! Check out this week’s barre video if you haven’t had a chance yet. It’s a burner, for sure.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see ya tomorrow with Friday Faves + a little giveaway.



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  1. Shannon Crenshaw Rhoads says:

    I made a coconut curry slow cooker recipe that ended exactly the same way.

  2. Happy anniversary!! Our FIRST anniversary is on Monday – we’re celebrating by eating defrosted wedding cake from the freezer, and taking a trip to Mexico next month.

  3. Happy anniversary! Such a bummer when a planned meal turns bad!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you, friend! seriously! always a bummer. ps text me your address- i need to send you this charcoal mask 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary!! You guys look like there hasn’t been a day pass since your wedding! I wish you all the happiness 🙂 Being a great team is the most important thing in a relationship!

  5. Happy anniversary!! I think I’ve said this before but your girls are seriously SO adorable. What beautiful and happy children!!! Have a great staycation 🙂

  6. Happy anniversary!

    It’s always frustrating when a recipe doesn’t workout out. All those ingredients and the time you put in to it.

  7. Happy Anniversary! I did the Barre video this morning actually, 2x though. It is a good one!

  8. Happy Anniversary!!

    You guys haven’t changed.


  9. Happy anniversary! Such a picturesque wedding with all the cactus in the background. I’ve had a few flop recipes lately. I guess that’s part of the food challenge!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy! Recipe flops are such a bummer.

    Love the black dress you are wearing- where is it from??

  11. Gosh, I had to throw out a meal this week for a similar reason. You all look so happy. Me and hubs are celebrating our 10th in 3 months and I get emotional thinking how full of love and joy our little family is. Life is sure some kind of beautiful crazy.

  12. Happy happy anniversary! You’ve accomplished so much in those 9 years, including those two gorgeous girls!

  13. Happy anniversary! You guys haven’t changed! Your wedding looked beautiful.

  14. Happy Anniversary! You guys look exactly the same!!! What’s the secret? 🙂 enjoy your day!

  15. We’re anniversary twins! It’s a lucky day! Happy anniversary! May you have many more happy years together 🙂

  16. happy anniversary! wishing you & your family the best for years to come. (also, you guys look exactly the same as you did 9 years ago…)

  17. Happy Anniversary! Time flies when you’re having fun!

  18. Wishing you a VERY Happy Anniversary! xo

  19. Happy anniversary! What a lovely scenic backdrop for your wedding:) my husband and I just celebrated 7 years in June. Any special plans for your 10th anniversary?? We hope to return to Hawaii where we went on our honeymoon kid-free. Take care!

  20. Love that “you may kiss the bride photo”!!!! Happy anniversary you crazy kids! OX – Gina (from Mass)

  21. Happy anniversary! Neither of yall have aged at ALL! Must be all the vitamin D from being in sunny Tuscon and SD 😉

  22. Happy Anniversary! Way to go on 9 years!

  23. Happy Anniversary!!

  24. Happy anniversary!!

  25. Happy anniversary! 9 years is amazing. I am getting married next Saturday, and can’t wait to see how we change in 9 years!

  26. Happy Anniversary! The Pilot looks exactly the same and the only reason Gina looks any different is just hair being styled differently!

    I would love to check out other curry recipes you’ve tried – I think you meant to add links (here, here, and here) ?

  27. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you two nothing but the best for your many years to come!

    I came to your site tonight because I tried the MOST AMAZING restaurant in San Diego tonight and I wanted to ask if you’ve been!! It’s called One Door North and it was seriously INCREDIBLE!! You can dine in the cutest little tents and they have a dessert called a s’mores bar that is amazing. If you haven’t been you have to try it out!

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