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Oh Stitch Fix Fridays, you make the weekend even more exciting πŸ™‚

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Even though I’ve been getting Fixes for about a year and a half, I still get boxes every now and again that aren’t really “me.” I didn’t love my last box, but left feedback in the comments (they really do read the feedback and make changes accordingly) and absolutely loved every piece in this box. I’m pretty sure it’s because Margaret picked the pieces. She knows me. Haha.

Here are the goods:

(random: our sconce on the wall looks crazy in these pics because my tripod was a little tilted. Oops)

Chambray polka dot belted dress

Sf dress  1 of 1

Aztec tank


Sf tank  1 of 1 2

Navy belted Tart dress


Sf dress  1 of 1 2

Pink Sanctuary tank

Sf tank  1 of 1


Cody Crepe Track skirt


Sf skirt  1 of 1

I like this skirt, but I have no clue how to wear it. It will probably be rocked with a tank and gladiator sandals all summer long. As fancy as it gets πŸ˜‰

Where is your favorite place to shop? Any awesome finds lately?

A latest find is the sandals I’m wearing in a couple of the above pics. I can tell I’ll be wearing them a lot this summer! Livi and I got them on a Nordstrom Rack trip last week. Here’s a link to some similar ones at Tarjay.

Curious about Stitch Fix? (<– referral link) Check out some of my previous posts with all the deets, like my first Stitch Fix ever, my trip to their headquarters and the last Fix post.

Hope you’re having a lovely afternoon!



*This post wasn’t sponsored in any way, but in full transparency, I didn’t pay for any of the above items. I have a credit with the company from referrals over the past year and a half. I’m so happy that many of you love SF as much as I do! xo


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  1. Amber Schumann says:

    That chambray dress is SO CUTE on you!!!

    I am trying to limit myself to 1 Fix per season (otherwise I get a little cray with the spending). I am coming due for a spring Fix, and can’t wait!!!!!!!!! I’m going to a fancy wedding in Scottsdale in April, and I’m trying to decide if I should use my seasonal Fix for that…..

  2. You look super cute in all those outfits! I haven’t gotten so lucky with Stitch Fix yet, but if I do try it again, it will be 90% thanks to you!

  3. Love that skirt! Perfect for spring!

  4. I just got a stitch fix today and she nailed it! I love that they will look at your Pinterest boards

  5. You’re quite lucky that your stitch fixes come out so good! You look great in these outfits πŸ™‚ I was a member of stitch fix for a while but barely anything fit. When I would return everything back and reply back that I didn’t like something….they would still send me items just like it! It was such ha disappointing experience…and I filled in everything correctly.

  6. I love the polka dot dress on you! It looks adorable! I need to try stitch fix!

  7. I am loving all of it!! Looks like you got a great fix this time! I really love Tommy Hilfiger, I just went to the outlet and scored a $6 pair of linen shorts in red. Perfect for summer! I have already tried on shirts to go with the shorts!

  8. The polka dotted dress is perfect for you.

  9. My husband does Trunk Club and it’s amazing. I had been looking for a similar version for women and was hoping Stitch Fix was it, but I just cannot get into their fashion sense. Does anyone else know of any other services like this that are perhaps more in line with Trunk Club’s aesthetic?

  10. I would love to try stitch fix but it is just not in the budget! I am so awful at shopping and once I go back to working full time I am going to need a wardrobe overhaul!

  11. LOVE the first dress!

  12. All of those pieces look very much like your style. I particularly like the polka dot dress, I’ve got a soft spot for polka dots.

  13. That Crepe track skirt not only is super cute but looks crazy comfortable!! I don’t get monthly stitch fixes but I have really enjoyed the service thus far (been getting fixes off and on for a year) and my stylists have really helped me to better develop a “style” AND try new things I probably wouldn’t have (and many of those new things I’ve loved).
    All your pieces from this fix scream spring! πŸ˜€

  14. I love the white lace shorts you are wearing with the Pink Sanctuary tank!

  15. Yaara Leve says:

    I looooove that track skirt!! So cute. What brand is the striped tank you’re wearing with it?

  16. I LOVE that first dress — so pretty! πŸ™‚

  17. Dang, NICE arms!!!! Major inspiration right there! πŸ™‚

  18. I really like the top dress!

  19. The Polka Dot dress is just so adorable! That will be perfect for casual or dress this spring and summer.

  20. love all those pieces- perfect for the warm weather!

  21. That’s a great stitch fix! Love all your items πŸ™‚

  22. Andi on The Bachelor had on those lace shorts tonight. I knew I had seen them somewhere! πŸ™‚

  23. That polka dot dress is adorable! I totally want to request it in my next box now! ;p

  24. Love the dot dress! So cute! Just got my Stitch Fix today!

  25. Oh wow! I love all of those items. That Aztec tank especially… it looks great on you btw!

  26. Lovely dress Gina!! πŸ™‚

    One of my favourite shops is called Joy and it’s in the UK (although you can buy online).

  27. The color of that pinkish/purplish tank looks amazing on you! Love it with the white shorts!

    I’ve been wanting to try Stitch Fix, but I’m worried about the sizing. I’m always so picky with the way clothes fits. I’m just really picky in general. But I wonder if it would help get me out of my comfort zone clothes-wise, which is a goal for me this year.

    Thanks for sharing!

  28. I can’t wait to get a fix again! Hopefully by next fall my post baby body will be somewhat back to an equilibrium πŸ™‚
    Love your outfits!

  29. Oh wow!! I LOVE IT ALL! Especially that polkadot dress! Adorable! πŸ™‚

  30. I always love seeing these posts- so fun to see what they picked out!

  31. I seriously love all of those pieces! Makes me wish for summer!

  32. The fashion section is my favorite!
    I like your Aztec top the best. It would look great paired with a pair of white jeans & gold sandals.
    My favorite store? Nordstroms!!!

  33. Always love Stitch Fix Fridays! It’s far and few between that I get a box that’s totally off. Like you, I try to leave very detailed feedback for each piece whether I love it or hate it. I really love that skirt by the way!

  34. Ah, so jealous you have so many referrals, that is awesome!!!! Loved this fix, the polka dot dress is my fav on you. I get stitch fix about once a month, and i hated one of them and then the next was amazing:)

  35. LOVE the polka dot dress!

  36. All cute and all so you! Adorbs!

  37. These are all so awesome! I love Stitch Fix and am expecting my box next month…I hope I am as lucky! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing what others get in their boxes.

  38. I LOVE that polka dot dress. What is the brand?

  39. Most of my shopping gets done at Gap Outlet. I love Stitch Fix though.

  40. I love the polka dot dress……I’m expecting my first box in a month I’m so excited to see what my stylist send me.

  41. Can you please tell us the brand of the Chambray polka dot belted dress? thx !

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