The proof is in the pudding

I’ve been crying on and off all day today.

People must think I’m crazy.. walking around with my belly sticking out and bloodshot eyes, goofy grin on my face.

I’m excited, thrilled beyond belief, and shocked.

We had our halfway ultrasound today- the last one before we get to meet the little nugget in person.

We got to our appt at 8:30 and I was surprised when a male technician called us back for our ultrasound. It was my first time having a dude as the ultrasound tech, and he was fantastic. He explained everything so thoroughly and per usual, my heart soared as soon as I saw the tiny figure on the screen.


He did a LOT of measurements today, to make sure everything was healthy and according to plan.

We got to see each part in detail:

the belly

skull and parts of the brain

kidneys, stomach

heart and 4 chambers

umbilical cord and placenta (which is located where it should be)




the tech said everything looked absolutely beautiful and healthy… all I wanted to hear.

And then he said “You both keep referring to this baby as a ‘he’” and then zoomed in between the babies legs, from the bottom so you could see the two thigh bones

and unmistakable….

lady bits.


“That’s 100% a girl.”


Little nugget is a GIRL <3

I didn’t even make it to the car until I was crying my face off. We hugged in the parking lot for at least 5 minutes, me crying, and both of us letting it finally sink in. I was half-crying because everything looks healthy and so thankful for the reassurance, and half-crying because I’m so shocked and excited. I was just as excited for a boy, but to finally, really know, for SURE is pretty amazing.


-dance classes

-tutus and

-sparkles 😀

She is going to have Tom wrapped around her little finger.

Thank goodness for good store exchange policies, right?


This little beanie is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.


So this means 4 things:

1) The tech who did the ultrasound at the other place probably shouldn’t have been “so positive” that it was a boy.

2) My acupuncturist actually was right! (along with everyone else in my family, excluding myself)

3) We ordered more gluten-free cupcakes, this time with pink frosting in the middle [most of the family already knows, but we did it for fun.. and because the cupcakes were incredible]

4) One of my favorite dreams happened around 2 years ago, and I still think about it often because it was so vivid. I’ve written about it before, but here’s an almondshell version of it:

I wake up to a little girl lightly brushing my face. “Mommy, wake up,” she says, “Dad is making pancakes!”. I open my eyes and see the most beautiful little girl- my daughter. [I remember every detail about her face, her blue jammies, and what the house looks like… which is scarily similar to what this house looks like] The smell of pancakes and bacon fills the air and I walk downstairs with her to see the my husband and older sister making pancakes and goofing around in the kitchen together.

When the dream first happened, I told Tom about it, because it was on my mind for a while. I knew I wanted a family so badly, but we weren’t in the time and place where it would be feasible.

And now, it’s actually coming true <3

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  1. What an awesome story! And you wrote it so beautifully – really captured the emotion that went into it. Love the pictures of the superdupercute baby girl clothes too (especially the rosebud hat) 🙂

  2. I was actually surprised when you said it was a boy ’cause I totally thought it was gonna be a girl. Girls are so much better than boys 😛

    Usually when I have dreams about having a baby, it’s a boy, but usually Bryan has dreams we have a girl. I hope his are more accurate, lol.

  3. Holy cow-what a story! Congrats on your baby girl!

  4. Congrats on baby fitnessista! 🙂

  5. Leslie Wingate says:

    GINA!!!!!!!!!!! That’s so amazing!!!! I can’t even believe that! ((((GIANT HUG)))) Congrats girl!

  6. omg! how awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited and happy for you!!!!!

    I had my girl first and LOVED that I did. Now I’ll be having my boy but I must admit, that even tho i’ve “seen the parts” on the ultrasound almost nine weeks ago..there is just something of a small doubt that maybe, maybe they were wrong? I especially worry about this now since this is our last pregnancy and i’m in the midst of going through and giving away all DD’s clothes!! What on earth if we give it all away only to find out on “D day” that “he” is really a “she” and the tech was wrong. You hear it happening! I mean, look at your story! ahhhhhhhh………

    But really, little girls are SO MUCH fun..especially to shop for and I must say, that beanie and outfit is ADORABLE!!!

  7. Congratulations on having a baby girl! That must have been a whirlwind of emotions! My guess like most others was girl and was surprised when you showed blue frosting! Either way very exciting and an excellent reason to have more cupcakes!

  8. Babies are wonderful regardless, but this is amazing! Congrats 🙂

  9. Congrats Gina and The Pilot! How exciting!!!

  10. What a fun surprise! Congratulations to you and the pilot! 🙂

  11. I am sooooo glad you’re having a girl!!!!! I was hoping for a girl for you guys all along, and now it’s happening!! Congratulations! So much pink adorableness coming in your future!

  12. Congrats to you both.

  13. Okay, so I got a little teary-eyed reading this! I remember the day that my hubby and I found out we were having a girl and we were SO EXCITED!!! That little baby girl is now 15 months old and I don’t know where time goes anymore but every day is so special. Congrats to you both!! Thank you for sharing your story.

  14. When I was pregnant, I was told at 20 weeks i’d be having a girl. So, I bought all kinds of girly stuff, had a baby shower (to get MORE girly stuff) Then to everyone’s surprise.. out came a boy on delivery day!

    Congratulations on your new daughter! (came out of lurk mode to say! ha)

  15. christina says:

    I actually wrote a comment on your first post that I had a friend who was told in ultrasound that she was having a girl (planned accordingly) and gave birth to a boy. Don’t recall if it was a level one or level two ultrasound though. Looks like mistakes are pretty common. Girls are awesome!

  16. Gina I meant to ask you in my previous comment, I’m kinda superstitious and was just wondering if the Chinese gender predictor was right about you having a girl??!!

  17. That is too funny! Congratulations…girl are so much fun! At least you found out before she was born. My sister was told she was having a girl 100% on multiple ultrasounds…she ended up having a 10 pound baby boy! We had to redecorate the nursery for her and switch out all the clothes before she got home…luckily she had already had twin girl and boy so she had the clothes. That is why I didn’t find out the sex with either baby.

  18. Amy @ purewellnessamy says:

    That is so crazy! I saw a picture of the pink-filled cupcakes on facebook and i was ilke HUH?!?! Very exciting, and although I love, love love having a son, I have to admit that buying baby girl clothes and accessories for my nieces is so much fun!

  19. Holy CRAP, I wouldn’t be able to wrap my brain around that! LOL Congrats on baby GIRL…either way…you will love that sweet little bundle with all your heart and soul. And both are equally fun! My daughter is five months old now and she makes me laugh EVERY single day. Love her to pieces. 🙂 And ENJOY buying the pink!!!!

  20. Oh my god that is incredible!!! I can’t believe I am reading this. We are finding out at our 20 week scan in 4 weeks. I wanted to find out earlier but held out for degree of error lessening by 20 weeks, but I do hope they get it right!!!!
    Congratulations Gina, a baby girl, how magical for you both. Now you are the one get the “mini me”!!!

  21. Czabrina Wallace says:

    I am lucky enough to have one of each and they are BOTH awesome. Boys are so much fun, with their rough and tumble personalities but I have to say there is just something so very precious about little girls, they are so sweet and innocent. Congratulations!

  22. Christine says:

    That is insane!! Congrats again.

  23. I can relate. We were told we were having a boy-had the ultrasound pic on the fridge as proof, but found out otherwise with an amnio. Kate is definately is a girl. I thought I wanted boys, but I can testify that girls are awesome! Congratulations!

  24. Awww, what a great post! Congrats!!

  25. WOW. I can’t believe the first tech was so wrong. I always thought it was a girl!! YAY!!

  26. Wow Gina, What a roller coaster, but roller coasters are FUN!!!!!!! So excited for you and Tom, once again, i feel like you are telling us all over again, such wonderful news, she is healthy:)

    And SO interesting the chinese gender was wrong, it says ‘girl’ for me, and i also want to hear what my acu says….she is on mat leave so i have to wait a few weeks:( Love that your acu was right!!!!!!

  27. Wow congrats on finding out you are having a girl-what a shock to think it was a boy at first. How amazing you dreamed about a little girl calling for you!! Very cool.
    I dreamed a long time ago my first was a girl. I recently married, but we’re still a few yrs away from a family so I just have to wait and see…
    So happy for you!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful news 🙂

  28. HOLLY GUACAMOLE! I just chocked on air lol, im so shocked!! Even though i swore you were having a girl haha..congrats!

  29. Congrats! I can’t wait to see how fabulously dressed your daughter will be!

  30. hemp jogger says:

    i’m a long time reader, and rarely comment, but i have to say, i’m so excited for you both! these family posts are so beautiful…i feel like i actually know you guys, haha. congrats on everything, and great blog 🙂

  31. Your dream gave me chills Gina! Hope little nugget loves her dinosaur blanket. We can always trade it for a pink lamb or bunny. 🙂

    So happy for you – boy or girl, this baby is already so loved. You are going to be the most amazing mama.

    • Fitnessista says:

      no way- i love the dinosaur! it’s still pretty and cute, and i love the fact that it’s different 🙂 little nugget will love it too <3
      miss you!

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