The secret ingredient is….

Chillin’ at home for lunch break,

eating a chicken burger the Pilot made me

Chicken burger

(on toast with kale, mustard and ketchup)

going over choreography

and chiseling away at an eegee nana left in the freezer for us.


(thank you, friend!)

I’ve had a great morning teaching, and Liv and the Pilot have had quite a day. A walk to test out the new jogging stroller with Bell, breakfast and swimming with the neighbors.

We had a wonderful at-home date night last night:

Shrimp 5

Not a bad set-up! Wine, stir-fried veggies and shrimp, + coconut shrimp with an apricot dipping sauce:

Shrimp 4

I’ll post the full recipe with the Week 3 Summer Shape Up grocery list and meal plan (up tomorrow am!) but guess what the secret ingredient is!

Shrimp 3

ALMOND MEAL! It’s *sometimes* a great substitute for flour. Other times, it’s a great fail. This time worked very well and it was a great way to amp up the protein and healthy fat. 

I’m off to Zumba!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s going well so far <3



Something to think: 

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

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  1. christina says:

    You look like you’ve lost weight!

  2. anything with an apricot dipping sauce sounds perfect and you did a great job on those shrimp!

  3. I <3 Shrimp!

  4. that shrimps looks awesome!

  5. Ohhh I LOVE coconut shrimp–I’ll have to try it with almond meal! Great idea.

  6. You look gorgeous all the time! Thanks for all the work you put into the Shape-Ups! We took our 4-yr olds to the Waterpark this morning and are just relaxing with a movie right now.

  7. Gina, I need your help! I had a baby 3 months ago, and have been steadily losing weight, however, my thighs and hips are still so thick and wide! I went shopping today and had to buy shorts a size bigger than my waist needed b/c of the thigh area. What are some specific exercises I can do to really target this area? Thank you!!

    • P. S. You do look amazing!

      • Fitnessista says:

        thank you friend!
        a lot of that is going to be cardio, eating and time. it’s only been 3 months 🙂 my friend said it really does take 9 months to a year for your body to go back

        • As mothers, we should be kind to ourselves. I read something from a doula that said as careful as we took care of ourselves for the nine months of pregnancy is as careful as we need to take care of ourselves for the next 2 years. While it is great to “get our bodies back”, it is also great to not view weight loss as a contest or sprint with a set deadline.

  8. I just bought almond meal for one of your recipes on the summer shape up last week and it’s yummy! But you’re right, it’s either great or horrible in place of flour. I tried to use it for your crepe recipes and it FAILED horribly! lol

  9. ooo cant wait for the shrimp recipe! i have a ton of almond flour in my freezer and have been lookin all over for something to use it in!

  10. Oooh those coconut shrimp look good! Would love to have the recipe 🙂 same with the chicken burgers! Yum!!

  11. That coconut shrimp looks awesome! And it’s perfect timing – I just bought almond meal this week! 😀

  12. That dinner looks amazing! I can’t wait for the recipes!!

  13. I love that quote from Laura Ingalls Wilder. Its so true!

  14. Delyn Ramey says:

    What jogging stroller did you get?

  15. Christina W says:

    Hot mama!

  16. Thsoe shrimp look AMAZING!! I love the quote too! Thanks:)

  17. that dinner looks so delicious! so gourmet:) and what cute pic of you! love it!

  18. I can’t wait for the coconut shrimp recipe! I hope it’s a healthified version!! We ate coco shrimp yesterday, and it was delicious. 🙂

  19. stacy seratt says:

    Got my new fitness mag and guess who is in it???

  20. Ok, going to try your shrimp recipe when it’s up. So far, I’ve managed to repeatedly turn shrimpies into chewy rubber. I need help.

  21. You look amazing! Don’t look like you were ever pregnant, let alone 5 months ago.

  22. Eucalya says:

    that shrimp thing looks delicious! Hope you didn’t have nightmares as the last time you drank wine before bed! xxx Nadja

  23. Totally agree with you about almond meal – so temperamental!
    Yum, red wine is my favourite Saturday night indulgence 🙂

  24. You look thinner than you did before you had livi! as long as you’re taking care of yourself. Those shrimp look amazing, if the recipe is not to difficult, I might try them!

  25. Those shrimp look amazing. I might have to make them:)

  26. You are looking amazing Gina! I’ve never heard of an eegee before. Don’t even know what it is hah. I love almond flour, I’ve made almond flour coated kale chips which are pretty fantastic.

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