Things of lately

-The BEST hot yoga class- the kind that gets into your heart and soul.

The kind where you do things that you didn’t know you could do.

Also the kind where you last-minute save yourself from losing teeth when the instructor suggests bringing your head to the floor during crow pose.

Yoga girls

[Practicing with friends who would drive you to the hospital with a bloody face is also a good thing.]

-Yoga always makes me want a green juice, and usually an Ocho bar. Last night, the sushi monster hit, too.

Sushi and juice

-Liv and I usually get a juice together before story time at the library- I’m lucky if she saves me 1/4 of it πŸ˜‰

Juice and fruit  1 of 1

On the same note, I lost a library book. I’ve looked everywhere… can I just order the book on Amazon and take it down there as an apology? Library delinquent.

-Big, honkin’ salads:

Salad  1 of 1 10

The Paleo bread I made for the week is long gone- it was AMAZING.

Bread  1 of 1 3

-I haven’t choreographed a new Zumba dance in two weeks, which = two years in Zumba time. That’s today’s project, and I’ve been crazy about this song:

-New phone + an Otter box case. I’m never taking it off.

Phone  1 of 1 2

What’s going on with you this week? What are you looking forward to right now? I can’t wait for swimming weather (or floating/lounging, rather) and Kyle and Meg’s wedding!

See ya in the morning with a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail πŸ™‚





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  1. I used Fruita Fresca for one of my Aqua Zumba songs all last summer, it’s a good one πŸ™‚

    • Fitnessista says:

      do you have any aqua zumba videos up? i’m getting certified in may!

      • I don’t but I need to figure out how to, people keep asking me about them. I’ve only ever taught at the inside pool at the University and I’ve yet to figure out how to record myself without getting a lot of extra noise (since there is usually lane swimming going on at the same time).

        I honestly find Aqua Zumba “as written” to be a bit lame-o. I’m used to teach killer aqua classes so Aqua Zumba was too “easy” for my participants that were used to being murdered every class. I teach the Suzi version of Aqua Zumba which means I use the Zumba formula, but stick mainly to regular Aqua moves and just sexy them up a bit. I find teaching Aqua Zumba way more tiring than regular aqua classes. In regular aqua you can be like, “Jacks!” while you wander around monitoring them. In Aqua Zumba the moves change so much more frequently to stay in time with all of the different parts of the songs that there are much fewer chances to rest. And you def. don’t want to be without a sweat towel, especially if you’re teaching outside, yowsa!

  2. Oh that Sushi looks sooo good, as does the green smoothie! I am looking forward to my pancakes tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ and that I have the day off and therefore a 3 day weekend, yay! I will do Yoga on Saturday morning, I usually go with videos from Tara Stiles.

  3. Maria @ lift love life says:

    Those are the BEST kinds of hot yoga classes. Hopefully teaching one tonight πŸ™‚ and girl, why must you torture me with the sushi pics!?!?!?!?! Want!

  4. Hot yoga always makes me crave the freshest, tastiest produce I can get my hands on. I love it!

  5. Haha, your right about hot yoga and green juices. Pilates makes me grave big green smoothies! No clue why.
    I’ve been loving big spinach salads with homemade dressing and roasted chickpeas. Yum.
    I wish I could try out the paleo breads, just to say I’ve had them but they all contain tons of eggs, and I can’t have them. Darn.

  6. Juuust started doing yoga and I’m loving it. I’m recovering from a spinal injury and added beginners classes to my physical therapy and circuit training – It’s been great for relaxing & stretching out my muscles and avoiding pain/soreness. Loving it!

  7. I don’t do yoga (even though I should try it again) so I can only add to the library part of the discussion. Some libraries will let you buy a replacement book, some want you to just give them the money and they’ll replace it. That way if it was an old book that didn’t go out a lot, they can get something people will enjoy more.

  8. I have heard so many things about hot yoga… But I don’t even like hot tubs that hot… or for longer than 20 minutes. Never mind 90 minutes. I do not think I would make it. But I want to try… whats a girl to do.

  9. CARLOS VIVES! I love me some Carlos. He’s from my mom’s home country. And that song is the best. Can’t wait to see a routine for that song.

    And my son loves green juice too. ;o)

  10. I made that same bread this week and I have to say I will never go back to regular, it’s awesome!

  11. I got an Otter Box case for Christmas and I LOVE it. I’ve dropped my iPhone a couple of times now & it didn’t even make a scary noise. I feel like it’s totally protected.

    Now I need to go get a green juice. πŸ™‚

  12. I had to skip yoga today due to my shoulder being wonky – boo to old volleyball injuries. I always crave coconut water after hot yoga!

  13. My aunt swears by the Otterbox cases because she has dropped her phone like a million times and it’s fine.

  14. I lost a library book once (and found it an entire year later — woops!) For my library, they prefer you to tell them you lost it and they’ll deal with it. Unfortunately, it’ll cost more than the book does because there’s a lot of processing that goes into a library book and they special order library editions a lot of the time. It’s a bummer, but probably best just to tell them you lost it and apologize!

    • Sorry, forgot to mention. When I found it again, I asked the next time I was there and they totally wanted it back! Just to keep in mind if you find it when you move or whatever. πŸ™‚

  15. Be careful with the phone! My cousin had an Otter box and I literally tossed it in a gentle way to her 2 ft away. It landed on the floor (inside) with the screen down and shattered. I was always under the impression the phone couldn’t break, but it happened, and my money went out the window! Just a warning πŸ™‚

  16. This week has been crappy for me! i have a cold and i’m trying so far to kick it.
    I’m looking forward to my second half marathon in 72 days!!

  17. From a nerdy librarian who runs kiddie storytimes, I’m so glad you bring Livi to these. I wish more people in our community did – they’re free!
    Most libraries will let you bring a replacement book, but if it’s something that doesn’t go out a lot, they’ll honestly just want your money instead and they won’t replace it at all. Ask them first, and usually they’ll let you just replace it since the replacement fee is the price of the book when it originally came out and not equal to what you can get it for now.

  18. I’ve been loving the longer days, and I’m most looking forward to the coming of spring and warmer weather. Winter is making one final stance before spring takes over and we’re currently dealing with some nasty snow and cold temps up here. Hopefully this is the last of it!

  19. I lost a book from the library once, and they just wanted money for it. I think they may use it to replace the book, or they may choose to buy a different book with it. So I’d just call and explain the situation, and ask them how much to pay up.

  20. I love that Olivia gulps down the green juice – just think about how much goodness she’s getting.

  21. I love that olivia loves green juice so much! Seriously adorable.

  22. I am just getting into yoga and am wondering if you have any thoughts on Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown? She does reps and then holds each pose for 15 seconds (So, you do around 10 reps of squats in the warrior position and then hold the pose for 15 seconds). It’s so different from traditional yoga!

    PS: Can you come pack my lunch for tomorrow?

  23. I’ve wanted to try hot yoga and my little man loves green smoothies!

  24. I have that same Otterbox case! πŸ˜€

  25. did you use the blanched almond flour that the paleo bread recipe calls for? or did you just use regular almond flour? i can’t seem to find blanched almond flour anywhere, but dk if it would work with good old almond flour from tjs!

    • Fitnessista says:

      i used the almond meal from tj’s and it worked great πŸ™‚

      • Hi Gina!

        I have a question about the paleo bread – I clicked on the links within the paleo bread recipe and most of the ingredients are EXPENSIVE! What products do you use to make your paleo bread? Do you get all the ingredients from TJs?
        I’m interested in making this bread, but don’t want to break the bank – especially if I don’t like it πŸ™‚


  26. Hot yoga and paleo bread sounds like my kind of night! I love the phone case too- so cute! That sushi looks delicious too….now I’m hungry haha πŸ˜‰

  27. The Zumba class I went to last week involved an 80’s song I can’t remember the name of now but it was amazing. The instructor said she just got it in her latest cd, it was the special choreographed one, and it was AWESOME! I hope next class we do it again!

  28. Green juice… Yum! Is there any better way to get in veggies AND fruit AND protein? No, I don’t think so πŸ˜€

  29. I’m loving the old school “Fruta Fresca” groove!

  30. I need to get on a hot yoga kick! Since my surgery, I have been trying to take long walks outside since thats all I can really do but this weekend I am going on a hike so very much looking forward to that! Any type of activity outdoors makes me one happy lady! Hope you have a great St Patty’s Day! Love + Shine CourtStar

  31. Yum, that sushi looks so good! Is it wrapped in rice paper rolls?

  32. I heard they’re selling those Evolution juices at Starbucks now! How do you like them?

  33. I have the exact same Otter box cover!! No way could I have my phone without a cover – I drop it frequently!!!

  34. Wow! Do you always eat this healthy? Have you ever heard of It is a social fitness tracking website that tracks your exercise and nutrition to give you a daily score. They have stats that so you can see your progress, and they say that challenge and battle features are coming soon. And it is all totally free. It seems like you would score a lot of points! Thank you for posting, I love your blog!

  35. I’ve got two free passes to a yoga center so I’m going to go check it out and give yoga another shot. I feel like I should enjoy it but my first experience made me lack interest. Here’s hoping my opinion can be changed!!

  36. Gina,

    I took my first Hot Vinyasa yoga last night- Ohmygoodness, I NOW know what the rave is all about. I’m in love! I feel like a whole new woman!

  37. This weekend’s plans: date night with hubby (movies), family fun day Saturday, hosting a casual dinner party, & a bridal shower

    Have a great one!

  38. Janna B. says:

    I tried to donate some new releases I read in my book club (too new for the library to have) and took them to my local Houston library… I specifically asked if they would put them into circulation and was told no. Apparently their circulation books have to come from the distributor who has the county contract. They would have taken my $15-20 hardback new releases and put them on the $1 sale shelf! I quickly scooped them up, called over to the Ronald McDonal House here in Houston, and they gratefully accepted the books. The families staying there love having newer books they can take with them to doc appts – and in difficult family times, I like to think they provide a good “escape” from an often scary, stressful reality.

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