Total Body Bootcamp Circuit

Hi friends! How’s the day going so far? I had a chiropractor appointment this morning (sweet relief!), stopped to grab some groceries with noodle, and we’ll probably swim in the bay later today.

Some pics from lately:

A Mad Beet date with Livi

Mad beet

(I got the “Public Lemony” juice and she got the “Acaiwol Nation” bowl)

Mad beet2

and then we headed to the park. Fanuel Park in PB is an awesome one, as it’s connected to the bay. You can play for a while before hunting for seashells and splashing in the water. 

Fanuel park

Dinner was what we’ve started calling the Harney Cobb. There’s nothing particularly “Harney” about it (aka no Irish flair) but it’s on the menu at least once a week. Romaine, grilled chicken, turkey bacon, hard-boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, olives, feta, avocado and homemade Ranch. It’s seriously amazing. (Also, we went to Costco and I currently have like 8 heads of romaine in the fridge. COBB SALAD EVERY NIGHT. Just kidding haha. I think I may be juicing quite a bit this week.)

Harney cobb

At the gym, I shook my legs out a bit with a 2-mile treadmill walk and a side of Kardashians.

38 weeks treadmill walk

(Went back to the dark side with my hair!)

It feels great to walk and move, but I couldn’t help but wistfully glance at the gym-goers surrounding me, doing intense cardio and lifting heavy weights. Soon enough, grasshopper.

I put together a little bootcamp-based workout to share if you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for your next workout. (As always, check with a doc before making any fitness changes. Modify as needed.)

This one combines strength sets with heart-pumping cardio rounds, to facilitate lean muscle growth and blast crazy calories. Let me know if you give it a try! 

Total body bootcamp

What’s something that’s on your dinner menu almost every week? Favorite TV show guilty pleasure? 🙂


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  1. Mad Beet looks amazing! I’m about to head out on a 5k run with my husband. Fall weather is here! My guilty pleasure shows are Scandal and everything on Bravo.

  2. Homemade ranch? Might you be willing to share the recipe? If it’s in the book, I’ve got it!

  3. My TV show guilty pleasure is definitely Criminal Minds and the voice!:)

  4. Every week for the past couple weeks, I’ve made taco shrimp. I just defrost the shrimp, lightly coat in taco seasoning, pan sauté, and top on a salad or in tacos. I’m slightly addicted. The Harney Cobb sounds amazing!

  5. My family loves homemade hot pockets and pizza. The pizza makes it on once a week – turkey meatball subs are popular too. I’m the only lady amongst four carb swilling dudes. Bread wins.

    And I love the dark hair! Pretty.

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you! homemade hot pockets?! recipe!! we totally need to make some meatball subs over here. liv would be all over that

      • I’m sure you have a standby dough recipe! I just use our regular pizza dough and fill it with chicken, cheese, veg or ham, cheese and veg. Or more grown up could be chicken, artichokes, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes… yum. And your turkey muffins could easily be adapted for meatballs. I make the marinara too, super easy.

        I love cooking super healthy or super fussy food – it’s just not where my family is at right now so I call it a win that they eat all the homemade stuff vs. super processed (which sometimes happens too, of course…)

  6. LOVE the dark hair! Chilli is a big hit in my house especially in the winter. Baked fish, steamed veggies and rice is also a classic dinner combo that will never die. 😉

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you! yes, that’s a classic combo over here, too! i can’t wait until it cools down enough for chilis and soups in the slow cooker

  7. You are too cute! 🙂

  8. sounds like a great day!

    I actually got my acai fix at mad beet when I was in SD last week- loved the creative funky vibe (I also may or may not have spent an entire hour a couple doors down at the Pangaea Outpost store 😉 )

  9. Would this workout count as HIIT on the calendar? I just took my hair to the dark side too, something about fall!

  10. Awesome! Thanks. Will check it and tag you when I make!

  11. Love the dark hair! A staple in my house is turkey chili. My husband loves it (as do I). As for guilty pleasure tv shows – anything on Bravo.

  12. Looks like a great bootcamp! Good job at walking and staying active through your pregnancy. I bet you are just itching to get into those intense workouts again 🙂 Good jkob at listening to your body for now 🙂

  13. The kardashians and ladies of London are my guilty pleasure:). On my menu every week are salads.

  14. Grey’s Anatomy and Wags are my guilty pleasure.

  15. What turkey bacon do you buy? The kind I buy is heavily processed and full of weird ingredients. We have tried switching back to regular, minimally-processed bacon, but it’s so greasy. My TV guilty pleasure is definitely the Housewives and DCC: Making the Team. A usual weekly dinner is baked chicken, a veggie and a sweet potato. Delish, but sometimes boring.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’ll usually get the applegate at whole foods or the trader joe’s brand (which isn’t organic but doesn’t have nitrites). i don’t eat pork, but for tom and liv, it’s easier to find healthy real bacon than turkey bacon

  16. Your amazing thick hair looks great dark!

    My daughter and I love to watch Project Runway (Tim Gunn, yes!!) and Dancing with the Stars and of course SCANDAL!!

  17. thats my kinda circuit workout! unfortunately, i rolled my ankle in quidditch, so i cant do it for a week or two 🙁
    but, i find lunges with arm movements awkward sometimes. do you find the weights (raising them) get in the way when you lunge down?

    • Fitnessista says:

      you play quidditch?! that is so fun! (i’m sorry about your ankle, though!!)
      at first i felt like they were awkward but i got used to it.

      • a bit late reply but yes, i do! imagine quidditch from the books/movies, but adapted to the ground, some people compare it to rugby 🙂
        & haha i guess i’ll stick with it. some days it works!…, some days, not so much

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