Tuna salad stuffed avocado

Hiii! How’s your St. Patrick’s Day going?? To get into the spirit, I played two St. Patrick’s Day-ish songs during spin last night:

1) “Whiskey in the Jar” (standing climb with tempo work)


2) “Lord of the Dance.” This was the last song of class, and everyone seemed to get a kick out of it. It was PERFECT for half moderate climb, half crazy sprint to the end, and a festive way to change up the playlist.

For our viewing pleasure:


 (the version I played for class was different -it’s the last one from the soundtrack, with taps- but you get the idea)

Random fact: my Irish dance teacher from back in the day BEAT Michael Flatley in the World Irish Dance Championship in 1989. 

It’s been a good St. Paddy’s Day so far. Hand therapy was AMAZING -I’m so so happy I’m finally able to go, and it’s helping so much- and then I had a lovely morning with my favorite little leprechaun. She helped me make the brownie cupcakes, which we’ll top with Bailey’s frosting (for the adults) and spinach-dyed green frosting for the kiddos. 

Quintessential green beverage:



(juice with green apple, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon and mint)

Juice ingredients  1 of 1Green juice  1 of 1 7

Lunch was leftover tuna salad from yesterday, served in an avocado. Liv went crazy for it, too! Ok, so at first she was a little skeptical (because, let’s be real, it kind of looks like cat food).

Healthy tuna salad stuffed avocado

Then, I told her that Ariel from The Little Mermaid LOVES tuna. She happily ate a bowl full, while I realized what I’d just said. Ariel eats her friends. Mom fail. 

Tuna stuffed avocado  1 of 1 2

The difference between pretty food photographs and how they’re actually consumed. 😉

Tuna stuffed avocado  1 of 1 3

For the tuna salad, here’s what I did:

-Added 1/2 sweet onion, 2 chopped and peeled carrots and about 10 cornichons to the food processor. I processed until they were well-chopped.

-Next, I added the veggies to a large bowl and stirred in two cans of drained tuna. (When I buy canned tuna, I check the label to make sure it was sustainably-caught in a BPA-free can, in water instead of oil)

-I added 1 heaping tablespoon of mayo

-1 heaping teaspoon of this mustard (Deli mustard would work, too)

How and sweet  1 of 1

-most of one container of plain goat’s milk yogurt (you can use any plain yogurt)

-and seasoned well with salt, pepper and garlic powder. So simple, super healthy and delicious. 

Since I ended up taking Sunday off, today was an easy 3-miles (I’d walk with incline for 1 minute, run between 6.0-6.7 for 2 minutes). I was ROCKING out the the POSH playlist (doing this in my mind), and my phone fell off the treadmill not once, but twice during my workout. Looks like I’ll be needing to wear the arm band again.

I fail at treadmilling

I don’t teach tonight, so I’m excited to hang out here with the fam. Trying to think of something fun to do after dinner. 🙂

Hope you have a great night!


Tell me something green from your day! Any gym fails lately?

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  1. Yaara Leve says:

    Yum! That tuna salad looks delish! I’ve been on a tuna kick lately too. I love it with chopped onions, dill, sweet relish, lots of mustard, plain greek yogurt. I’ve also been slicing a hard boil egg with it–soo good! The egg yolk and tuna are a such a good combo. Have a great night! And I love that–“if Ariel love tuna..” I would’ve done the same thing at Livi’s age. I was obsessed with Ariel! Like legit wanted to be her. XOXO

  2. My favorite in one of my favorite fat sources? I can dig it! 🙂

  3. Looks yummy!

    Something green from my day was my green smoothie I had in the morning. It is greener when I don’t add the blueberries, but today was my protein smoothie day since I rocked it out at the gym!

  4. Hi there! What is your necklace? and did you purchase online! Thanks x

  5. Mmmm I love tuna when I need something quick for lunch. I also love how versatile it is. I’ll definitely be giving this a go!

  6. I just had a green mixed drink! haha

    Aww Ariel eats her friends! That’s totally something I would say but I wouldn’t make the connection until way later!

  7. I was just thinking today how much I wanted a green juice. My coworker and I joked that it would be easier to have a juicer at work than running to Nektar. But then we remember that’s a bad idea because they’re so loud!

  8. Love tuna salad in avocado! You eat sushi right!?! Our favorite way (my son and I) to eat tuna lately is in a nori wrap. I just mix up the tuna with a bit of home made mayo, avocado, coconut aminos and red boat fish sauce then spread it on a nori sheet and roll away! We both also love a smoked salmon version with carrot, watermelon radish and smoked salmon. So good and so easy!

  9. Holy cow! I just laughed my butt off at your Ariel comment (she eats her friends).. I catch myself all the time with my 3 year old. So funny!! Also.. Your Kale Yeah shirt looks like a different tee than the ones sent out? I like the neckline and it looks like a stretchier cotton!

  10. The tuna salad looks delicious! Oh, and I would be a Mom who always tells cruel stories by accident. Like little mermaid eating their friends 🙂 🙂
    Asparagus are back in the supermarkets here and I LOVE to have them in my omeletts!

  11. Yum! That tuna salad in an avocado sounds delish! 🙂 Glad Livi loved it…even if she thinks Ariel eats her friends 🙂

  12. I can definitely relate to your “phone flying” problems and it always happens on the treadmill. It feels as though it happens in slow motion and I can’t do anything about it and then my phone is in a million pieces on the floor with a bunch of people looking on with horrified faces! Ha! I also must invest in an arm band, I think.

  13. Monday was my treadmill gym fail day! I kept half tripping during my warm up. Then a co worker came up and wanted to chit chat while I was on the treadmill and he was kind of behind me! It’s not easy to walk fast on an incline while looking backwards!!!! (I also face planted multiple times!) I finally told them this was way awkward and they moved to the front of the treadmill.

  14. I love tuna + avocado!! ps. I would totally have eaten tuna as a child if my parents played the Ariel card- she’s the BEST princess :)!

  15. You got your 3 year old to eat tuna salad. That’s a mom win no matter what you said!

  16. That tuna stuffed avocado looks amazing! I like to stuff mine in tomatoes! So juicy and yummy! 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your night off!!!

  17. You should check out a SpiBelt or FlipBelt for holding your phone. I have a SpiBelt but kind of wish I had the FlipBelt. It’s kind of a small pocket for all the things I take on dog walks. I don’t know how I feel about having to step into a FlipBelt or pull it over me, though.

  18. I made a grasshopper pie to take to a dinner party, & it was delicious! Super easy, but not healthy at all. 😛

  19. I’m doing Visalus with my sister, and yesterday, I made a Pistachio Shake with kale. LOTSA green in there. 🙂

  20. Yum I love a good tuna salad even though like you said it does look like cat food #yuck! I totally did not have anything green today and I am full Irish.. #leprocaunfail :0 Thanks for sharing your salad and PS your food photography has really improved!! xo C

  21. My phone fell off the treadmill and onto the belt last week. I’m kind of clumsy as it is (lol) and am also in a cast for torn ligaments in my thumb and wrist right now. Luckily, my sister was on the elliptical next to me and grabbed the phone. It was super loud though, gym fail, lol.

  22. LOL at the mom fail! 😀

  23. i looove mint in my green juice.

  24. I’ve been craving green juice so much lately! It’s getting expensive though…I made need to go ahead and by a juicer. My favorite lately is the Warrior juice with kale, cucumber celery, pineapple, ginger and cayenne. Nice and spicy. Yum. And now I want one!!

  25. I love TJ’s Yellowfin Tuna…it’s packed in oil but the flavor is unbeatable. I used to buy the lil cornichons but they only lasted a day so I told myself to relax…although now the craving is back seeing them in 2 of your posts.

    Your lunch looks awesome…I should add carrots to my tuna next time. I like to add chopped capers…!

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