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 Hi friends! Happy Monday! How was the weekend? Hope you had a great one. <3 We spent some time with friends, relaxed at the house, and I caught an OTF class in addition to teaching Zumba. It was pretty low key around here; just the way I like it. Oh, and I also slept for 9 hours Friday night. #christmasinjuly 


We’re in Week 3 of Summer Shape Up! All of the details are here if you’d like to jump in and join the party, and prenatal modifications can be found here for my expecting mama friends. Keep up the amazing work and momentum!

Side plank

Some pics from the weekend:

It was Betsy’s son’s bday party, so they rented an awesome bungalow on the beach so everyone could swim and paddle board. We’ve had lots of vitamin sea lately, and are definitely living up this beautiful summer.

Beach girl 2

(Liv loves being on the SUP! It’s the cutest ever and we have a blast taking her out.

Beach w ms p

P and I hung out in the sand, watching the kids play and everyone SUPing, and also chilled inside. We found out she likes to dance to David Bowie haha. 

Taco catering + a Michelada bar, which makes it the best party ever.  


Saturday night, we had dinner at home, drank some wine and watched a movie. “Watched a movie” = the Pilot watched a movie. I watched it with my eyes closed.

Sunday was chore day with a trip to Trader Joe’s (shout out to Molly who reads the blog and said hello! I loved chatting with you), taking care of some stuff around the house and hosted a BC social online. 🙂

Dinner was this salad I found on the Pinterest wagon. I changed it up very slightly since we didn’t have tomatoes (used roasted red peppers instead), and added chicken, but it was perfect. (I just skipped the prosciutto because I don’t eat pork, but Liv and the Pilot go crazy for it.) It’s like the Harney Cobb’s more sophisticated cousin.

Maggianos copycat salad

Avocado rose = surefire way to get Liv to eat an entire avocado.

Avocado rose

Can we talk about Next Food Network Star for a second? Is anyone else really into it this year? I haven’t really watched it in years, but this season is SO GOOD. I’ve been on team Damiano since day one, but also really like Tregaye. 



I hope you have a lovely morning! I’ll be back here this afternoon with a post, and will also share the news tomorrow about our move.

See you soon. <3



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  1. Michelle says:

    I’m watching Food Network Star as I read this. Ha! Loving this season.

  2. Looked like a fun weekend! I’ve never tried SUP. I would like to try it one day:) I also love your white dress in the picture above and can’t wait to find out where you get stationed next! My husband was in the Coast Guard for 4 years and we lived in interesting places. I’m from San Diego and know it’s a hard place to leave minus the cost of living Best of luck!

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you so much! and SUP is so much fun. i think you’d love it <3
      thank you for the luck- i appreciate it. and yes, it's a hard place to leave! i hope we make it back someday

  3. I stayed up way too late Saturday watching a movie and payed for it yesterday as I wandered around like a zombie. You’re smart for letting yourself sleep!

  4. Can u post a pic of your haircut? Pretty please, I’m going for an apt to get a good trim and need ideas!

  5. I’m jealous of your relaxing weekend! I also signed up for the Skimm on Friday, and I love the email I got in my inbox this morning. It definitely made understanding what’s going on (especially with the RNC/ DNC stuff) a lot easier, since I’m not really into politics, etc.

    • Fitnessista says:

      i’m so happy you’re enjoying it. i LOVE the skimm. it’s a nice way to keep up on things without watching the news, because tv news really affects me. i like their condensed version, and how they keep it lighthearted when it’s appropriate

  6. Shannon Crenshaw Rhoads says:

    I know you’re getting sad about leaving SD, but looks like you’re really making the most of your time left! My husband and I will be visiting Aug. 6-10 for our anniversary–any must try new spots/adventures you would recommend? Love the blog!~

    • Fitnessista says:

      thank you! we’re definitely trying to live it up 🙂
      where are you guys staying?
      you HAVE to go to bo beau kitchen and shout house!

      • Shannon Crenshaw Rhoads says:

        Wow Bo Beau looks awesome! We have been to shout house and it is always a good time. We are staying at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina right near the airport!

        • Fitnessista says:

          bo beau is my absolute favorite restaurant here. if you’re looking for something a little different for drinks/cheese boards, vin de syrah is fun too 🙂

  7. This season IS so good!! I think Damiano is hilarious and a great cook, but I’m not sure his English is proficient enough to be a Food Network Star? Did you see when they were supposed to make a sheet pan dinner and he made tiramisu? Tregaye has a great natural energy…I’m excited to see who will win but also don’t want this season to end!

    • Fitnessista says:

      yeah that’s a good point! sometimes he talks so fast i have no clue what he’s saying. and yes, tregaye has great energy- you definitely want to watch her. i’m excited to see what happens!

  8. Jennifer L. says:

    Yup. Totally watching the Next Food Network Star. It’s great. But I keep wondering…WHY did they keep Ana in the running for so long??? 🙂
    I also love the Great British Baking show on public tv. It’s fantastic.

    • Fitnessista says:

      we were wondering that the whole time! they were really trying to make her a *thing.* i think her food always looked incredible, but she didn’t have the personality for an entire show

  9. Brittany Taylor says:

    Where did you get the white cover up? And I hope you are happy with your new place! Can’t wait to find out where.

  10. Lov that Avocado rose!

  11. AHHH I’m so happy you’re watching food network star. I have no one to discuss it with! I LOVE damiano! He’s my first pick. Tregae (sp?) is a little too over the top for me – always seems like she’s trying way too hard!

    • Fitnessista says:

      yeah it seems a little forced sometimes. i feel like damiano is so versatile… and the accent isn’t too bad 😉

  12. Vicki L. says:

    I tried to do workout #3 today, but wasn’t able to complete it without heavy modifications due to a stupid foot injury, so I just switched back to workout #2. :-/

    • Fitnessista says:

      aww hope your foot is feeling better soon

      • Vicki L. says:

        Thanks. It’s got me pretty bummed, as it’s also cutting into my half-marathon training. Hopefully it’ll be better soon and I’ll be able to get off the elliptical and back on the treadmill/running outside.

  13. Molly Liptak says:

    So nice chatting with you at TJ’s, Gina! I told my hubby about it, and he totally knows Tom. What a small world 🙂

  14. What a fun weekend! I’m also coveting your white dress–so pretty!

  15. Liv is SO brave, no way would I go out on a stand up paddle board haha, though I really wish i would! They taco bar also looks ahmaaazing. so lucky!

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