Welcome to my yoga oven

Hey hey hey πŸ˜€ How are ya?? Things are bueno over here! I finally succeeded in converting the guest room into my own hot yoga studio πŸ˜€

yoga studio

You guys know how I’ve been saying I want a space heater to use for yoga for a few months, so today, I finally went to Sam’s Club and picked one up.


I told the pilot that I bought one and he’s been horrified I’ll pass out or something in there, but I promised to be extra careful.

Cranked it up to 90*


Blocked the space under the door with a towel


And about a half hour later, when it was niiiiiice and toasty,

I yoga-ed my little heart out


And it was insanely glorious πŸ˜€

Some of the other day’s events included taking the puppies to PetSmart –we ran out of dog food last night and Bella was growling at her bowl, demanding food to appear…poor starving thing πŸ˜‰


Delicious malted chocolate strawberry oatmeal, inspired by Mama Pea


-1/4 C oats

-1 smashed nanner

-1 T cacao powder

-1/2 T maca powder

-pinch sea salt

-vanilla extract


-melted frozen strawberries

A salmon bite wrap


(with bell pepper, spinach and mustard on an Ezekiel tortilla)



And a new jar of almond butter (since I was out!), that I’ve had quite a few dips into πŸ˜€


And smothered some on a honeycrisp, with mesquite and cinnamon


I’m gonna read for a while, pack for Ft. Lauderdale (whoo hoo!!), watch Grey’s and call it an early night so I can wake up and run tomorrow πŸ˜€

Meet me back here in the morning for an amazing giveaway!!!



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  1. Rebecca Kenefic says:

    verrrrrry BEYOND jealous right now. if i did that to our spare room I believe I would not have a place to live πŸ™‚

  2. That is so awesome! Such a great idea!

  3. I juuuust got that brand of AB! Never tried it before!

    I love hot yoga so much more than unheated… I really need a space heater!

  4. great idea!!!!
    i’ll have to find a spare room to do this to at home!

  5. What a great idea, I never thought of a space heater. I just posted today about how much I love heated yoga…the studio I go to keeps the temp around 80-85 and it’s so nice (and sweaty!)

  6. How awesome that you turned your guest room into your own oven yoga room! That oatmeal does look super tasty. I’ve never had raw ab- need to get me some πŸ˜‰ Have a good night

  7. That is so cool that you made your own hot yoga room! I’m totally going to ask my mom to buy me a space heater now πŸ˜‰

    Mmm and that bowl of oatmeal looks phenomenal! I must try out that combination soon!

  8. HMM I may try that hot yoga idea! Our dogs hit and flip the bowls. Then they bark at the door that has the food and scratch at it. Then they whine at you and hit you until you feed them. They don’t have us trained at all πŸ˜‰ LOL

  9. that is so hardcore you made your own hot yoga room! what a great idea.

  10. Congrats on your yoga room!

  11. gina! i am so excited it worked so well!!!!!! so exciting!

  12. Nice hot yoga room!!! You look like a pro!

  13. Ok here I was thinking I was the only genius to think of this idea with the heat lamp!!! hahaha. Ive been doing it all week and its so amazing! Great minds think alike. πŸ™‚

  14. Aha ! genius! that heater and towel definitely works!
    Like that salmon wrap , looks very healthy – especially that super-wheat like wrap!

  15. Hey, I love reading your blog! Your food creations are amazing and I love that you enjoy yoga, as well. I also look up to you for staying so sane while your love, the Pilot, is away. I would go crazy! I sort of know how you feel because I am in a “sort-of” long distance relationship…but not as distant as yours! You are so strong, girl! πŸ™‚

    I have a question…do you watch any yoga videos? I am into yoga, but still a bit of a newbie. I love it so much though! I have taken one class and I felt amazing afterward. There aren’t any classes offered near me, but I might take a once-a-week class in a town about 30 minutes away from me. I was also looking into have a Monday night yoga class at my dance studio. I was planning on using videos to start with and allowing anyone to join if they want to. But, I was wondering what the best videos were. I use stuff on OnDemand and from yogaisyummy.net. I love Polly’s classes! (Check them out if you haven’t yet!)

    Well, sorry for this beast of a comment! But, thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Fitnessista says:

      hey katie,
      don’t apologize, i love long comments πŸ˜€
      long distance relationships are definitely not for the weak, but i’m lucky to have awesome girlfriends, exercise and puppies to keep me busy (and sane!)
      for the yoga DVDs, i really like the rodney yee ones. his DVDs were the first ones i tried (8 years ago) and he’s a great instructor. now, when i “watch” and do yoga, it’s usually namaste yoga on fittv. crunch also has some great yoga dvds
      hope this helps a little!

  16. I love this idea! I have a space heater that I never use… perfect!

  17. Love hot yoga! Much more inexpensive to do it at home. Good thinkin πŸ˜‰

    My goodness you are flexible. Maybe I should do yoga more often!

  18. your too funny with buying a heat for yoga! love it!

  19. Hi Fitnessista… first, I love hot yoga and here in NYC we have no shortage of amazing Bikram yoga studios. But how neat to make your own studio at home!

    Second – I ordered Indian takeout tonight and had to get bhaigan barta! It was delicious and I’m excited for leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

    Have a great night!

    • Fitnessista says:

      ahhhh have you been to bikram yoga nyc?! they have an instructor there that i LOVE.
      i’m so glad you enjoyed the baigan bhartha!!

  20. Ah, you are clever- I never thought to recreate my hot yoga studio in my own house! I adore hot (Bikram) yoga!

  21. So I think I’m just going to up and move to Valdizzle and begin my yoga adventure in your own studio. You don’t mind, right? Just tell the pilot that I was a poor abandoned girl on the street who needed a home. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled at your kindness (haha)!

    Anywho, so I know you love honeycrisp apples, as do I, but I recently got into the Arkansas Black Variety. Their different, but I really like them, especially the intriguing color. Have you had them, and do you like?

  22. Ooh, thanks for the shouts! I may be having a repeat of that for breakfast myself. I thought of you when making kale chips today!!!

  23. Girl You LOVE that almond butter..lol
    One day Im going to try yoga but it looks hard.

  24. Love the yoga room!! I always turn my living room into my yoga room. I start a fire in the fireplace, light all the candles and plug in the twinkle lights. I love it, it’s sooooo relaxing:)

  25. I just turned my office into a hot yoga room! My space heater only goes to 90 degrees too, boo…
    You look awesome! Great job:)
    I totally know what you mean by the growling at the bowl thing. Niko does it all the time (and at the toy box, and at me, etc…) haha

  26. Genius! Your own hot yoga room. I have my own space heater (we only need it about 2 weeks of the year here in Saudi). I should bust it out and get crankin’! Hmmm….we don’t need a computer room. I’ll chuck all of hubby’s stuff outside and create my own zen sanctuary where I can sweat and stretch to my heart’s content.

    Awww…you made me miss Petsmart so much! I used to love to take my dogs there back in the states. Best store ever!

  27. Genius! Your own hot yoga room. I have my own space heater (we only need it about 2 weeks of the year here in Saudi). I should bust it out and get crankin’! Hmmm….we don’t need a computer room. I’ll chuck all of hubby’s stuff outside and create my own zen sanctuary where I can sweat and stretch to my heart’s content.

    Awww…you made me miss Petsmart so much! I used to love to take my dogs there back in the states. Best store ever.

  28. Haha I can just picture you going into Sam’s, picking up a heater and giggling to yourself for being so clever! That’s a great idea! Gina, change your plans and come to Atlanta tonight… we’re gonna have a meet up at Seasons 52. πŸ™‚

  29. I wish our guest room had enough room to perform anything other than blogging. Ha. We have the guest bed, two computers, all the extra furniture that should be in storage, like a couch, a nightstand, and a coffee table… AND TWO BIKES! Because we’re afraid, even if we lock them to the rails outside, someone in the complex will steal them.

  30. Wow I had no idea you were so good at those poses, that’s awesome!! And oh my, that bowl of oats looks to die for.

    I’m going to WF today and I can’t wait to pick up my Ezekiel wraps πŸ™‚

  31. Love the hot studio! I’m still trying to find a good space in my tiny apartment to do yoga at home…

  32. Hey!!! Love the yoga set up. I recently just started Yoga and am definently hooked! It has totally helped me to work out harder since i feel more stretched out and relaxed. Its fabulous. Oh, you also got me totally hooked on the apples with almond butter, mesquite and cinnamon combo! Ha! Its so tasty and I found myself eating it every night! Yum Yum!

  33. Your hot yoga room looks so cool, I want one of my very own : )
    I’ve recently just started my journey into yoga and hope one day my dancer pose looks as lovely as yours!
    Lastly, you walk your pups on a coupler or two separate leashes? I was thinking of walking my 2 dogs (one big, one small) on the same leash but don’t know anyone else who does this and can vouch for it, thoughts?

  34. Oh my gosh! That Malted Strawberry Oatmeal looks amazing! I have to make it. Thanks oh so much for sharing πŸ™‚ Does Mama Pea have a recipe section? Didn’t see it on her site. Ciao!

  35. Your dogs must go crazy going into a pet-food store…! I would never bring my dog there… I just imagine her runing all over like crazy from the food-smell! Oh oh… No, I don’t plan on bringing her there anytime soon! She is way too excited to start with! lol Your dogs are amazing to stay quiet!! πŸ™‚

  36. I can’t believe that Bella is still sporting the orange bows. Do you leave them in all of the time? My bichon (Napoleon) always gets a bow on his collar at the groomers and he has that thing off as fast as he can. A little easier to get to than Bella’s bows, but I am still amazed:)

  37. great idea! Costco carries some killer heat lamps that might be in my cart next time i head there!

    Your strawberry oats look delish!

    Happy Friday Darlin’

  38. OMG – your standing Bow Pose looks beautiful Gina!

  39. The Pilot says:

    Ha, that’s my creative, hottie. Nice work turning our spare room into a hot yoga studio. Love you, hon. Hope you’re having fun with Ashley

  40. very informative post!!!

  41. stephanie says:

    ok so i love bikram but i cant go as much as would like!! school,work,traffic ect.
    im doing research on heaters and came across your lovely pose !!!! theirs so many haters do u strongly recommend this one thank you soooo much

  42. I just tried doing this in the smallest bedroom of my house. I also used a warm mist humidifier to help the room feel even warmer. My question, though, is whether the room air gets stale or stinky after a while from all the sweating you do during yoga.

    • Fitnessista says:

      mine didn’t seem to, but i only did it a couple of times a week. i would just be sure to turn off the humidifier and heater when you’re not using it

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