While I was Zumba-ing

Back home from a sweaty Zumba class (got to dance with a blog reader and her family!)

showered: fresh and so clean

rocking my moccasins


drinking tea and eating pie.


Oh, and dreaming about Las Vegas.

tea (2)

Vegas would be lovely right about now πŸ™‚

And while I was gone, the painters were hard at work turning this:

office room

into this!

office  room (2)

They look like normal rooms, instead of circus rooms. I like that. Now we get to decorate….

The Pilot just made us some eggs to hold us over until dinner


[While Bella stood next to him wishing for an egg of her own]

and he’s outside hanging Christmas lights while I order some pizza, then I’ll take Bella out there with me to cheer him on.

Have a lovely night and I’ll see ya tomorrow!


Something to read:

8 Yoga Moves for Flat Abs

12 Terrifying Jell-O recipes (salmon in jelly, anyone?)

Black Friday shoppers fight over $2 waffle makers (this is why I go in the morning, instead of at night with the diehards)

Something to think:

This is printed in the locker room at work. I love it, and thought I’d share:


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  1. I love that inspirational quote, thank you so much for sharing it! And the rooms look so nice now! Hope you have fun decorating!

  2. Hooray for Christmas lights and the healthiest of the holiday pies! I love watching your home come together so beautifully – it’s such an inspiration to me as I mentally plan my first home. By the way, your kitchen is gorgeous. I love your cabinets and appliances.

  3. Well I totally wish I was a member at your gym! That little note is awesome! Such inspiring (and TRUE) words!!

  4. I am glad that you were feeling better and got to teach! Your rooms do look lovely. I wish you all the best with your decorating

  5. Those rooms look so great! Nothing like a little bit of paint to totally change a room!

    Have a great night!

  6. You’re so sweet! The class was fantastic. You move like nobody’s business. Thanks so much! E-mail with photo coming your way. =)

  7. I love your moccasins, where did you get them from? I have a moccasin-style pair of slippers but I’m always tempted to wear them outdoors.

  8. Very glad you feel better………….!! Enjoy your evening:) The new rooms look great………………you guys must feel so good to have it done……!

  9. the rooms look awesome! so much better. now you can complete the whole house and baby can arrive into a nice house, not always mid-renovation. Thats how i grew up, and even to this day my house is still not completely done..

  10. First of all, love de quote. Prish presh. Second of all, I miss my mocs more than life and can’t wait to get home. Meow. Only 20 minutes! Third of all, tell Tom to make an egg for me next time, too. Please and shanks! <3

  11. Glad you’re feeling better! Can’t wait to see the baby’s room. πŸ™‚

  12. What is it about dogs and eggs? The second the egg hits the pan in our house, our dog is in the kitchen begging!
    can’t wait to see what you do with those rooms now πŸ™‚

  13. I have to admit I kinda liked the pink room – at least for a little girl :-).

    Do you have any experience with Zumba and back pain? I had severe back pain end of september/ early october went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a dislocated rib. After being on pain meds/ anti-inflammatory/ muscle-relaxants for a while it got better, I also got adjusted a few times. After that the doctor said I can go back to working out. Now the problem is every time I do a little more than just the elliptical the pain comes back. First after doing Turbo Kick Box, which I could kinda understand, but now I did Zumba and again pain is back.

    So now I’m worried about trying it again. The pain is in the upper back/ shoulder area…so I’m not sure how Zumba can agitate that area so badly?

    I know you’re not a doctor and can’t give advice…just wondering if you know of people that were not able to do Zumba anymore because of back issues?

    • Fitnessista says:

      when i first started doing zumba, i had pain in my low back from all the body-pumping type moves.
      the arm movements might be what’s causing it- it’s a lot of lateral movements, flexion and extension. i’d check with your doc first, but maybe decrease the range of motion for the arm movements and see how that feels until you get used to it?

  14. I thought of you tonight: we had our first Zumba party in a club! It was soooo fun!

  15. That’s a great strong/strength passage…love that. Thanks for posting it!

    And cute moccasins. Nothing like some cozy mocs to keep your feet warm with warm tea in your belly…perfect morning πŸ™‚

  16. Just had to say those Jell-o recipes cracked me up! I can’t decide between tongue mould or magic letter balls for dinner tonight..

  17. weird….I am drinking tea, eating pumpkin pie, AND I have the eact smae slippers. πŸ™‚ Haha!

    I love that passage too. So true!

  18. “exact same” not eact smae…lame keyboard!

  19. I was almost tackled grabbing a waffle maker myself!!! Hahahaha! But it was SO worth the shopping cardio! I love the Black Friday rush! One of my favorite days of the year! Now I have to put that waffle maker to good use though! (:

  20. I have those exact moccasins! Tar-jay, no? Love them!

  21. Zumba is great, isn’t it?! Just love the buzz of going to class. I know there are a lot of Zumba DVDs on the market (thinking of implementing a little something, something at home), just wondering if you’ve tried any and how you’ve found it?

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