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The Big Manzana Part 3

Hi guys!!! Happy Tuesday 😀 I love shorter weeks! Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and took the time to think about those who have fought so valiantly to protect our way of life. We had such an amazing time in New York. The shopping (!), food, sights, drinks (heh) were all incredible. We…

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Summer Shape Up: Week 4

Hey everyone! I have had such a wonderful weekend 😀 Sorry for being MIA, but we’ve been go-go-go (just the way I like it) and I guess a seriously incredible vacation is worth being missing from the blog world for a few days 😉 I’ll be posting a full re-cap of our NYC trip tomorrow…

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The Big Manzana Part 2

Hey everyone!!! I love New York. It’s the total opposite of Valdosta 😉 We got settled into the hotel and spent a couple of hours walking around. It’s perfect because our hotel is right in the middle of all the action and I love to walk around and look at all of the stores and…

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The Big Manzana Part 1

Hey everyone! TGIAF! Any big plans for the weekend? By the time this posts, we should be getting into shenanigans in NY with Megan and her pilot 😀 Right now, I’m doing a little sky blogging: After the hectic night, we got into Hotlanta pretty late and crashed out. I’m glad I didn’t end up…

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Summer Shape up: WEEK 3

Hey everyone! Happy Monday (if such a thing exists?) 😀 Sorry I was MIA yesterday! The pilot and I got a TON done around the casa (since we’ve only been home 2 weekends since he’s been back from the desert) but before I get into the re-cap, here’s WEEK 3 of the SUMMER SHAPE UP!…

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Summer Shape Up: WEEK 2

Hey everyone! Congrats to all of the Summer Shape Up girls who finished the first week- you all are doing an AMAZING job and I love watching everyone’s progress on the spreadsheet. *If you’re keeping track of your own progress, drop me an email if you get all 3 points for the day so I…

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