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“Max It Out” Muscular Endurance Circuit

Hi friends <3 How’s your week going so far? Mine has been great… but today has been “a day.” It’s funny because I posted the above photo on Instagram last night (after a particularly wonderful day) and feel like it jinxed me!  I started the morning with an awesome short strength sesh (details at the…

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Plank and burn bodyweight circuit

Oh friends. I’ve definitely had my share of awkward fitness instructor moments, but this past weekend was pretty high on the recent list. I was SO excited to film a new video for you guys, so I decided to venture out to Sabino Canyon for some nice background scenery.  I rolled up my yoga mat…

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NEW hotel room circuit

Whenever I get back from vacation, I’m always kind of scared to resume my full teaching schedule again. Even after just a week off, I can feel the difference and am usually sluggish, especially during Zumba. This week: not the case at all. Maybe 9 days of carb loading in Italy will do that for…

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