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The First Year

Babies and pets

Hey guys! Tonight’s guest post is a very special one, since it’s something that we were wondering about with our own family: introducing a pet to a baby. (Bell comforted me while I was in labor at home.. I wanted to take her to the hospital with us) Bella has always been the baby in…

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The birth story- part 2

Missed part 1? You can check it out here. My heart sunk as I anticipated a suggestion that would take me off the path of my birth plan. Fortunately, our nurse was amazing and offered a progressive list of alternatives to a drug intervention. I was so thankful when the nurse handed me an oxygen…

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Jennifer’s birth story

Hi everyone <3 Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback on part 1 of the birth story..Sorry to leave you with a cliffhanger, but I didn’t want it to be boringly long. The final part should be up tomorrow 🙂 We’re still getting to know our sweet baby, so here is a special guest…

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The birth story- part 1

That’s exactly how it went down! The end. Ok, it was slightly different. I still can’t believe I’m writing this story. It’s so surreal to me that it actually happened and I was so present yet totally gone at the same time. So here’s the first part of the birth… and I’m going to lay…

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Advice for a new mom

It was quite a whirlwind of a weekend, which ended with the best little thing possible and a new little family starting to get in the swing of things. Thank you again to everyone for all of the congratulations and love- we’ve loved reading your amazing comments and tweets, and the the realness of everything…

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This is the face

we’ve dreamt about for 10 months. She made her way into the world last night, 12:08am 8 lbs 6 oz Just when we thought our hearts couldn’t possibly be more full… we are so in love. Thank you for all of the incredible love and support to our growing little family <3 Be back to…

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