Pulled BBQ Chicken Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a traditional accompaniment to holiday meals or a backyard barbecue. Learn how to make the best deviled eggs using this recipe.



6 hard-boiled eggs

1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

1/2 tablespoon chopped dill pickles or relish

1 tablespoon pickle juice (optional, but gives it a little extra something)

1/4 C – 1/3 C mayonnaise

Splash of hot sauce

A tiny pinch of sugar

Paprika, for sprinkling

Red onion or chives for garnish

Optional: crumbled bacon for an extra garnish

1 shredded chicken breast

Carolina Gold BBQ sauce (or your favorite barbecue sauce)


Prepare your eggs! I like to cook mine in the Instant Pot using the 5-5-5 method: 5 minutes on manual, 5 minute natural release, 5 minutes in cold water. They cook and peel perfectly! You can also boil yours on the stovetop for 8-9 minutes and place in a bowl of ice water, or if you’re in a pinch and want to make life easier, use the pre-cooked ones from the grocery store.

After peeling the eggs, gently slice each egg in half and scoop the egg yolks into a bowl. Keep the egg whites on a separate plate to fill, and mash the yolks in the bowl, using a fork.

In the bowl of egg yolks, add the relish (or chopped pickles), mustard, a tiny splash of pickle juice (optional but adds a nice lil flavor!), little pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper.

Prep the bbq chicken and garnishes. In a bowl, I combine the shredded chicken with BBQ sauce. It’s helpful if the chicken breast is warm because the sauce is more easily absorbed. I almost always have shredded chicken on hand as part of our meal prep, so it’s easy to quickly warm up and add a little BBQ sauce. Chop the garnishes: red onion or chives, or crumbled bacon.

Fill the eggs using a Ziploc or pastry bag

Finally, top with your desired toppings and garnishes! Add the BBQ chicken, bacon (if you’re using it), chives or red onion, more paprika, and do a chef’s drizzle of BBQ sauce around the platter.

Store covered in the fridge or enjoy immediately.

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