ssu 2016 week 3

Upper body circuit workout

Lean lovely leg burner

Compound workout

Workout #3:

Total body hiit workout

Form cues and modifications:

UPPER BODY CIRCUIT: If you don’t have a battle rope, hop on the rowing machine at the gym and sprint for 1 minute. You can also do medicine ball slams (20) or 30 seconds of light biceps hammer curls. 

Workout #3:

Squat: make sure your weight is in your heels and chest is lifted. Exhale and squeeze your glutes to rise.

Squat jump: as you land, make sure you have bent knees. Exhale to reach and jump up towards the ceiling.

Walking lunges: watch your front knee to make sure it doesn’t extend past your toes. Keep your torso upright and exhale to rise.

Jumping lunges: land with bent knees before sinking down to your lunge and switching side.

Curtsy lunge: make sure to take a big step back and OUT from your front foot. 

Speed skaters

March in place: make sure to exhale and bring your knee up high as you contract your core to help lift your leg.

Sprint in place: land with soft knees. Move as quickly as possible.

Squat step together: step out to the side, and squat. Step that foot back to center, then step your other foot out to the side and squat. Continue switching sides and keep your hips low.

Side to side jumps: keep both knees bent and both legs together as you hop from side to side

Calf raises: don’t let your heels touch the floor in between. Hold onto  wall or sturdy surface for balance if you need to.

Vertical jumps: slight bend in the knees, reach up and jump, trying to touch the ceiling. Land with soft knees and repeat.

Mountain climbers: start in a plank, and slowly bring one knee towards your chest. Step back to plank and repeat on the opposite side.

Plank side to side hops: start in plank, then jump or walk both feet to the side of your right hand. Walk or jump back to plank, then walk or jump both feet to the left side. Make sure to BREATHE the entire time; every jump is an exhale.

Rotating plank: start in plank and then rotate to side plank. Come back to center plank, then rotate to side plank on the opposite side. To modify, plank on your knees, and as you rotate, keep your bottom knee on the ground and extend your top leg (so your top leg is straight, foot on the ground).

Push-ups: you can do these on your knees or toes. Just make sure to keep your hips in line with your body.

Plank to frog: start in plank, and then walk or jump your feet forward so your feet are outside your hands. Bring your hands off the floor, and lift your torso up. Keep your hips LOW. Place your hands back on the floor, and walk or jump back to plank.

Squat pulse: come into a low squat, and either pulse your squat (up 2 inches, down 2 inches) or tiny hops, keeping your hips low.

Beginner friends: ditch the impact exercises. Stick with alternating slow movements and possibly move faster for the next 30 seconds if your form is solid and you feel good. As always check with a doc before making any fitness changes and modify as needed.

Here are some meal ideas for week 3!



Blender banana oat pancakes

Any of these on-the-go breakfasts

The best breakfast sandwich

 Egg white pizza bake

Breakfast cookie


Chicken and avocado Caesar salad

Power grain bowl

Hummus chicken salad bowl

Savory kale salad

Smoked salmon and dill wrap


Chili-lime chicken tacos with grilled pineapple salsa

Mediterranean chicken bake with roasted sweet potatoes 

Crispy shrimp rice and veggies

Patriotic berry salad


Brownie batter protein bites

Protein yogurt: mix one scoop of your favorite protein power with plain Greek yogurt + top with berries

Deli roll ups: deli meat rolled up with cheese of choice and mustard

1 serving of almonds + 1 apple or cup of fruit

Small protein shake (almond milk, protein powder, berries, 1 tablespoon nut butter)