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Beauty and skincare DIY

Homemade Orange Honey Body Wash

I told the Pilot that it’s time to prepare… my hippie is about to be unleashed in a serious way. Never before have I been in a land where all of these natural options are at my fingertips.  I fondly remember the time in Tucson when I called a natural health store to see if…

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Homemade rose lip balm

Rose-flavored and scented things? Nope, not obsessed at all 😉  I’m not obsessed with lip glosses, either. (<– try telling that to my husband who just found one in his car… minus the lid… melting everywhere. Yikes.) Ok, so I kind of have a problem with both of the aforementioned beauty pleasures. I stock up…

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DIY Bath Bombs

Two things officially turned me into a bath person: our tub, which is much larger than any we’ve had in the past and LUSH bath bombs. It’s a huge deal, as I’ve always preferred showers, but there’s something seriously awesome about sitting in a super hot bathtub with your hair in a messy bun, a…

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DIY: refreshing rose facial spray

There are so many beautiful and extremely different personalities in our work locker room. We have the dancers, the spinners, the hardcore ass-kickers (that’s their official title), the yogis and more. Some flow from one type to the next–like the same airy fairy yoga instructor can kill you in bootcamp class. It’s amazing. I learn…

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Meg: DIY Bleach Pen

I wanted to thank everyone for their input in the comment section of the Self-Tanner post! I’m looking forward to trying out some of the recommendations 🙂 In other news, my best friend and I tested out an extremely easy DIY the other day! The cost of this fun little project was under $4 and…

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Meg: Winter Lip Care DIY

Lip scrub can be the key to helping your winter-dry lips when lip balm on its own isn’t cutting it. Here’s a simple, homemade lip scrub that you can keep on hand to use in a pinch. Perpetually chapped lips are something I have always dealt with. Even armed with a medicated chap stick, I…

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Face mask

 You listened to me rant and rave about the Clarisonic, which I love. Well, I have discovered the cherry on top that certainly completes my skincare beauty routine! You may have heard of BB Cream, and if you haven’t, you’re in for a real treat! BB creams (the double B’s stand for beauty balm) are essentially…

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At-home Beauty Mask

If you could Photoshop yourself on a daily basis, would you? The truth is, many of us have skin issues. We have things we don’t like. But we have what we have, we should rock what got, and fix what we can. (source) I have always been diligent about taking care of my skin, as…

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Avocado hair mask

Hi guys! How are you?? Hope you’re having a lovely morning! <3 To start things off, the winner of the macaroons giveaway: Congrats, Eileen!! Send me your shipping info (fitnessista at gmail dot com) and I’ll get them in the mail tomorrow 😀 If you didn’t win the giveaway, no need to fret 😀 The…

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