Hi friends! Time for Week 2 of this year’s Summer Shape Up! Here’s what to expect so you can take the weekend to plan and prep. Set yourself up for success, and endeavor to make every week better than the last. Here’s this week’s workout: (remember to check with a doc before making any fitness changes)


(Optional dynamic stretching and form rolling)

Warm up, 5 minutes, moderate cardio of choice

Superset 1: Alternate between these two moves to complete 3 sets of each before moving onto the jumping lunges. You’ll come into a lunge with a bicep curl, then onto one leg (beginners, stay on two legs) with a wide row. Do 10 of these, then 10 of your lunge combos on the other leg (wide row into 1-leg triceps extension). Alternate between each side to complete 3 sets of 10 reps for each combo movement.

Jumping lunges: 1 minute (beginners, try walking lunges instead of 1 minute, or a wall sit)

Weighted squats: 3 sets of 15

Jump rope: 2 minutes (don’t have a jump rope? Go for a 2-minute jog, or try some high knees to get your heart rate up)

Superset 2: Alternate between 12 stability ball pushups and 12 stability ball pikes for 3 sets total. If the pike is too much, you can do a knee tuck (just bend your knees and bring the ball in towards your chest, then back out into plank) instead.

Superset 3: Alternate between 12 stability ball back extensions and 12 stability ball leg raises for 3 sets of each. (So you’ll do 12 back extensions, 12 leg raises, 12 back extensions, 12 leg raises, etc.)

Jump rope: 2 minutes

ABC abs: Come into a plank position with your legs on the stability ball and using your core, draw your knees in to your chest to “write” the letters of the alphabet with your feet. How far can you make it??

Follow with cardio as indicated in the Week 2 calendar.

Some meal ideas:



Whole grain muffin and egg sandwich (English muffin, egg, turkey bacon, cheese)

Protein waffle

Cookie dough cereal with berries

Baked oatmeal with fruit

Deli sandwich (sounds weird but is a great, balanced breakfast)

Omelet with sweet potato hash


Sweet potato pesto  1 of 1 4


Southwestern stuffed sweet potato

Greek chopped salad

Quinoa veggie burger and sweet potato fries

Thai chicken curry with brown rice

Sweet potato pesto pasta

Homemade sushi with seaweed salad


Sushi and juice


Deli meat wraps (fill with veggies and/or cream cheese)

Caprese salad (cheese, basil, tomatoes, sea salt, pepper)

PB&J amazeballs

Banana or a few dates with nut butter

Small smoothie

Homemade trail mix


Turkey muffins

Turkey muffins  1 of 1 3



Cake in a mug

Avocado pudding

Single size bag of popcorn with chocolate chips and cinnamon

Glass or wine or small cocktail

Cocktails  1 of 1

So what’s on the menu for week 2?

What are you choosing for your cardio wild card?

Make sure to check in each morning with your workout on the blog so we can cheer each other on!

Keep up the amazing work 🙂




  1. Bailey on June 15, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    Today I did WO#2 + “Heart Pounding Cardio Workout” from Peanut Butter Fingers with 5 minutes of elliptical before each circuit. It was hard, sweaty, and so, so much fun! Loving SSU!!


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