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Spiced chicken manchegos with house guacamole and calabacitas

Hey hey! Happy Indian Food Wednesday. 😉 I’m so happy to hear that so many of you are loving the new barre workouts! Katie and I had a blast making the videos, and I really enjoyed creating these workouts for you. I’m so pumped that you’re enjoying them! It’s interesting to get a glimpse of…

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we tried Sunbasket

*This post isn’t sponsored. I just wanted to share our review and experience for anyone else who may be considering trying Sunbasket. Hi friends! Hope you’re having a great morning. The girls and I are hanging out around here, and I’m going to take an OTF class later today. P has been waking up during the…

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The best vegan sushi

Whenever I see the fam, I can expect the usual shenanigans. Food and laughter are the main components, with lots of stories, random games, spontaneously passing out on the couch from a food coma, and then repeating. I can also expect that my Uncle E will share some amazing cooking tips or a new recipe…

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