Lentil quinoa chopped salad

Hi guys! How’s your morning going?? Thank you so much for all of your awesome comments on the blog facelift! I took all of your suggestions to heart and made a list of things to tweak in the next few days. Thanks for your patience! This has been the most intense revamp yet, so I’m grateful to you all (and to Julie!) for rolling with the changes.

Yesterday was an awesome day, and it even started off with rain. I’ve learned that rain is a rarity here in San Diego, and this black cat scurried into our yard. He didn’t know what to do with himself.

Photo 169

The rain only lasted about 30 seconds, but Liv and I still spent the morning indoors making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, watching Mary Poppins and coloring.

We also had some of this with lunch, and I had another serving as a late afternoon snack. It’s that good! Bonus: it’s surprisingly toddler-approved. 

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This mixture is a combo of this festive and filling salad and the best pasta salad you will ever have in your life. Instead of noodles, I swapped with a protein-packed and satisfying lentil-quinoa combo.

Quinoa  1 of 1

Fresh basil from our little garden,

Basil  1 of 1

a mountain of goat cheese and sundried tomatoes.

Goat cheese mountain  1 of 1

A mountain of goat cheese is always the correct answer.

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