Fave posts:

-Pilot comes home

-Tips for redeployment

-Anniversary posts

-Confessions of a Personal Trainer

-A love story

-You know he’s deployed when…

-What the heck is “healthy?”


-Breaking up with running

-The proof is in the pudding

-The sweetest sound

-The birth story part 1 and part 2

-Home as a family



-When I stopped taking birth control to practice Fertility Awareness Method (a good choice for us now, but BC was a great choice for me while I was in college and not married)

-Graduating from 105degrees

-When good friends of ours adopted Vies

-I started eating chicken again (much to Bella’s delight)

-Driving across the country with my madre and two pups

-Buying our first house

-We’re expecting!

-Meet the love of our life

Reader’s Requests:

-Fave salsas and hot sauces

-Getting more out of your cardio routine

-Options for newbies

-Mistakes you may be making

-“Om” at home

-Accomplishing workout goals

-Finding a gym buddy

-Gym class etiquette

-Quinoa uses

-When to break up with your trainer

-At-home workout options

-Why I prefer goat dairy

-Fit and healthy in college

-Finding motivation

-High Intensity Interval Training

-What’s the deal with gluten?

-Kitchen Essentials

-Weights 101

-Smoothies vs. Juices

-Getting into group ex

-Fave protein powder uses

Those are a few of my faves, but there are a lot more here.

Focus On posts:


-South Beach

-Tone It Up

-Weight Watchers


-Bikram yoga

-Body Pump

-Bodyrock (since Zuzana left I’m no longer an advocate for Bodyrock workouts, but instead recommend her ZWOW workouts)


-Core Fusion


-Half Marathon training


-Medicine balls

-Physique 57



-Resistance bands

-Rest days


-Stability balls


-The scary cable pulley thing

-Step aerobics

-Tabata Training




-YouTube Fitness


Family posts:

7 months old

6 months

5 Months

4 Months

3 Months

2 Months

1st trimester workouts

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3rd trimester workouts

Baby food recipes

Baby smoothie recipes

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DIY: Nursery name letters

New mom must-haves

Our baby registry

Pregnancy workout swap-outs

What I learned about cloth diapers and the great diaper debacle