NEW Core on Fire Workout {video}

Morning! How’s your day going so far? Exciting news: Winter Shape Up officially starts this Monday! If you’re joining in the fun, the intro post with your meal plan, grocery list and workout calendar will be up tomorrow so you can set yourself up for success this weekend. I’m so excited!! This morning, I have…

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All-new Tabata circuit {video}

Hi friends! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day so far <3 We’ve been laying low after yesterday’s birthday events. It’s been nice to enjoy the cloudy day, playing and relaxing. I love the little tradition we’ve started with having a low-key pizza night at our house the night of her actual birthday, and her official…

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New Zumba video: Salsa Choke

Hi! Hope you’re enjoying your Friday so far! Since Sasha and I are both moving in the next few months, we got together to film a ton of new videos for our YouTube channel. It’s a bummer that we have to be apart, but we have some fun projects planned while we’re in different locations.…

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Dance Cardio Combo (video)

Hi friends! How was your weekend? Hope it was lovely <3 We went over to my aunt and uncle’s last night for a little Hannukah celebration. Growing up, a lot of my friends celebrated Hannukah, so I was surrounded by the beautiful culture and traditions of the holiday. This was Liv’s first bit of exposure…

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Tabata strength circuit {video}

Is anyone else really excited this week? It’s not just the visions of Black Friday shopping and face-planting into some stuffing, but I really love our family traditions. We always end up playing poker, the guys golf, and we spent a lot of time eating and chatting around a bonfire. Thanksgiving is one of my…

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On set

This afternoon, Sasha and I had the opportunity to get some photos taken by the amazing James Patrick. He’s well-known for his work in the fitness industry -he does a lot of fitness magazine and Bodybuilding shoots- and we asked him to help take pics for our YouTube channel. We brought some fun dance outfits,…

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