March 2024 Reads

Sharing the books I read in March and if I’d recommend adding them to your collection!

Hi friends! How are ya? I hope your morning is going well! I’m catching a barre class today and looking forward to client calls this atfernoon.

March 2024 Reads

(I was apprehensive to post this pic because it’s not very flattering. But, apaprently this is what my legs look like in the sun, so I’m going for it.)

For today’s post, I wanted to share the books I read in March. It was a lighter reading month for me, but still a couple of great pics! I’d love to hear what you’ve read and loved lately if you’ll share in the comments section.

March 2024 reads

$100M Leads

$100M Leads

I’m a huge fan of Alex Hormozi. His recipes on Instagram are a little gross, but from a coaching/teaching/entrepreneur perscpetive, I love his teaching style and think he gives a ton of value in his books. Since I enjoyed $100M offers so much, I downloaded this one on Audible. It was an easy read and provided a lot of tips on growing your email list, creating content, and how to target with Facebook ads. I don’t spend much at all on Facebook ads, but it’s something I want to explore this year. 9/10

From Amazon:

This book contains the playbooks that took me from sleeping on my gym floor to owning a portfolio of companies that generate $200,000,000 per year in under a decade. Wanna know the biggest difference between those two time periods? How many leads I was getting.

The problem is – most business owners don’t know how to get leads.

I wrote this book to solve your LEADS problem.

Today, our companies generate 20,000+ new leads per day across sixteen different industries. And, they do it using the eight “never-go-hungry” playbooks inside. Once you see them, you can’t unsee them. They’re so powerful, they work without your permission.

Inside you will find…

…The easiest way to get another five customers tomorrow

…The hook-retain-reward system to transform content into leads

…The 6-part ad framework that gets more people – especially strangers – to want what you sell

…The one question that immediately turns any stranger (no matter how cold) into a hot lead

…The 7 direct referral methods responsible for 30% of my sales

…The affiliate playbook that gets hundreds of other businesses to advertise your stuff for free

…The agency agreement that gets them to teach you their lead-getting secrets at no cost

…The how-to-get-people-off-the-streets-and-getting-you-leads in under 2 weeks framework

…and everything else that got our companies boatloads of leads…fast.

And the best part is…you can use these playbooks to get more leads within an hour of reading this book. You just have to know where to look…and the first place is inside.

If you want to get more leads for your business…then ADD TO CART, use its contents, and see for yourself.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden

This was my #2 Kristin Hannah novel after The Nightingale. It was so beautifully written, and as someone with near-zero knowledge about Russia’s involvement in WWII, it was very eye-opening for me. I knew I was going to be devastated when it ended, and it left me with tears streaming down my face. 10/10

From Amazon:

Meredith and Nina Whitson are as different as sisters can be. One stayed at home to raise her children and manage the family apple orchard; the other followed a dream and traveled the world to become a famous photojournalist. But when their beloved father falls ill, Meredith and Nina find themselves together again, standing alongside their cold, disapproving mother, Anya, who even now, offers no comfort to her daughters. As children, the only connection between them was the Russian fairy tale Anya sometimes told the girls at night. On his deathbed, their father extracts a promise from the women in his life: the fairy tale will be told one last time—and all the way to the end. Thus begins an unexpected journey into the truth of Anya’s life in war-torn Leningrad, more than five decades ago. Alternating between the past and present, Meredith and Nina will finally hear the singular, harrowing story of their mother’s life, and what they learn is a secret so terrible and terrifying that it will shake the very foundation of their family and change who they believe they are.

True Comfort | March 2024 Reads

True Comfort

A good friend of mine loves this cookbook and has tried quite a few of the recipes. I’ve tried a handful from the book and have been imrpressed so far. I can’t give it a full rating – I need to try more recipes!- but wanted to include it in case you’re looking for some healthy meal inspo.

From Amazon:

Over the past few years, Kristin Cavallari has become known for the healthy recipes she cooks at home for her family. In her bestselling cookbook, True Roots, she shared the recipes that keep her motivated and inspired and in turn challenged fans to cook more meals at home and live a healthier lifestyle.

Now, in True Comfort, Kristin turns her attention to some of the most-requested dishes that are hardest to find: healthy comfort food. True Comfort features her favorite recipes for cozy breakfasts (Apple Pecan Dutch Baby, Espresso Overnight Oats, and Sweet Potato Toast), lunches (Roasted Cauliflower Tartine, Nashville Hot Chicken Salad Cups, and Butternut Squash and Leek Chowder) and dinners (Red-Wine Braised Short Ribs, Oat Crust Chicken Pot Pie, and Saffron Seafood Cioppino) plus desserts (Orange Olive Oil Cake and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Silk Pie) and drinks (Cashew Eggnog and Rosemary Charcoal Latte). With tips and tricks to put together a well-stocked pantry, fridge, and freezer, this book goes beyond the traditional cookbook to help readers feel more like Kristin in the kitchen.

Open Your Eyes: Healing the Misery of Dry Eyes

Open Your Eyes: Healing the Misery of Dry Eyes

I read this book very quickly on my Kindle – it’s super short – because I was hoping to get more eye healing insight and knowledge to store in my brain about this situation. It was about 99% anecdotal and nothing groundbreaking. I think that this book about healing your allergies naturally is a lot more helpful, as well as this book about healing dry eyes. 2/10

From Amazon:

This book was written by a long-time sufferer of dry eyes and by the Naturopathic doctor who helped him find the right solution to relieving him from the misery. The author discusses the agony of the irritation and pain of dry eyes and how the condition prevented him from enjoying life. As the condition became more severe, it led to two corneal ulcers; countless trips to opthamologists; the endless use of drops and other treatments that never worked. This lack of real relief of his dry eye condition from conventional treatments led him on a multi-year search to find a way to get his life back.

The book was written to help all those suffering from this painful, frustrating and debilitating malady and to give them hope and encouragement in finding their own solution. The book covers some of the causes of dry eyes; the author’s intense search to find a way to treat it without prescription drugs or surgical procedures; nine foods that can trigger dry eyes; the four “must have” miracle foods that help relieve the condition; and a list of supplements that the author has used to keep his dry eyes from returning. There is also a discussion of a condition known as “blepharitis”; how it can lead to dry eyes; and what the author does to treat it. This book is a must read for anyone suffering from dry eyes.

Ok, tell me, friends: what did you read last month? Any recent 10/10 reads?? Please share the love in the comments section!



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  1. Ashley on April 5, 2024 at 1:11 pm

    Funny how we’re our own worst critic. You mentioned not liking the lead photo because you didn’t think it was flattering. When I saw it, my only thought was “wow, what a cute swimsuit!” 🙂 I think you look great! Also, where’s the suit from?

    • Fitnessista on April 8, 2024 at 11:52 pm

      aww thank you! it’s from summersalt!

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