Friendly reminder: This trip to Fresno was paid for by the lovely people at POM Wonderful

Hey everyone! I’m here in Fresno for the POM Blogger Harvest Tour 😀 I’ve already met some lovely ladies including TINA, Emily, Shirley and saw Caitlin and my very good friend Heaby again. From what I can tell so far, this is going to be a crazy amazing experience.

To rewind a little, I woke up early this morning –not as early as planned because I set the alarm for PM instead of AM- did 20 minutes on the hotel elliptical and hit up the hotel breakfast.


In all honestly, I really wanted eggs for bfast but there were none so I rolled with fruit. The watery oatmeal wasn’t really calling my name.

I got all my stuff ready and took a cheesy Myspace-inspired pic:


Rockin’ the moccasins 🙂

My first flight from Orlando to Dallas was bueno –despite the fact that I was sandwiched between two guys and woke up sleeping with my mouth open. Sexay- and I had some eggplant bacon


The man sitting next to me was intrigued by the bacon and I gave him a piece- he LOVED it! We then got into a deep discussion regarding the SAD (Standard American) diet and the importance of eating well. A man after my own heart.. except ~40 years older 🙂

When I got into Dallas, I hopped on the free WiFi (thank you , Dallas!) and ate some zucchini chips.


I also had an unpictured Coconut Cream Pie Larabar on the plane. And an orange 😀

It was so lovely to see that HEABY was on my flight (!) and I met up with two other lovely bloggers, Shirley and Emily who were also on our flight.

We shared a taxi to the hotel:


And saw Caitlin and Tina upon arriving 😀

As well as SWAG!!!!


POM gave us a beautiful array of welcome gifts including a potholder and recipes, how to cut a pomegranate cutting board, folder with an itinerary, Fiji water (which I dove right into)


A SUPERCUTE American Apparel POM Blogger Harvest shirt, Ice POM coffee, coupons, a notebook, a magnet, and POM cider mix


Thank you!!!!

I just ate yet another Larabar.


I’ve had two today and am ready for my madre to leave a comment saying “that’s not a meal, Gina” 😉 Guess my snack-packing wasn’t as great as I thought and needless to say, I will be stuffing my face in the most dainty-like manner possible tonight.

I’m off to hit up the gym and get in the rest of my cardio and some weights, then getting ready for dinner 😀

Lots of pics to come!




  1. Shaunda Lona on March 19, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    As I was reading then skimming through the myriad of comments above, another reason came to mind. On a blog with many comments I often do not comment even though I may have something to say. I may be repeating something already said and often do not have the time to read all comments that have already been made.

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