Ssu week 4 schedule

Links to all workouts:

Workout #1 and Ab burner

Steady state: 30-45 minutes

Workout #2

Workout #3


Barre workout + Workout #3

Steady state: 30-45 minutes





Sweet potato, goat cheese and turkey bacon egg bake

 Prep-ahead breakfast bowl

Cookie dough cereal

Overnight peanut butter protein oats

Banana split smoothie

Spring roll chicken salad 5


Spring roll chicken salad 

Superfood salad

Chicken crust pizza + salad

Tuna salad stuffed avocado

Whole-grain or gf wrap with your favorite protein, lots of sliced fresh veggies, and salad dressing



Stuffed chicken with roasted veggies

Slow cooker Greek chicken soup

Cashew crusted salmon with brown rice and asparagus

Caribbean shrimp and quinoa salad

Garlic teriyaki tempeh

Chocolate protein bar 1 of 1 4


Chocolate coconut protein bars

PB mocha smoothie

Spinach and avocado hummus + chopped veggies

Plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey

1 serving of raw nuts with dried fruit and a tablespoon of chocolate chips

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