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Apple Spice Amazeballs

This is for all of the friends out there who are pumpkin-ed out.  It’s also one of those things where I just put a bunch of ingredients in the food chopper, said a prayer, and hoped it would work out. Thankfully, it did, and they are DELICIOUS.

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Gingerbread Amazeballs

‘Tis the season for giving, for memories, for making our yard look like a light explosion, for mugs of candy cane green tea while watching “Four Christmases” for holiday-ifying all of my favorite recipes…. The gingerbread amazeball had to happen 😉 Sometimes it’s fun to stick with the usual snack standbys: -egg burritos -salad beast…

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Peanut Butter Cup Amazeballs

They may taste like a treat, but these peanut butter cup protein balls are healthy!  Keep them around in the fridge to have on hand for a boost of healthy fat and protein! It was only a matter of time, right? Since amazeballs are a standard snack in our house, I love to come up…

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Pumpkin Amazeballs

These pumpkin protein balls are the perfect seasonal healthy snack! They pack a punch of protein and healthy fat in delicious dessert-like bites. It was a low-key, laid back day- everything a holiday should be. Got the Bob tire fixed (!) took it for a spin at the dog park lunch at Chippodle (my fave…

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