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Chopped avocado southwest salad

This morning, I have  new recipe for you, courtesy of my Uncle E. He has shared quite a few of his mouthwatering recipes with the blog world before, including this black bean soup idea, this lavender-honey salmon, the vegan soba noodle sushi, and his best ever pasta salad (<— It’s still one of my top-viewed…

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How to Cook Salmon: 10 Different Ways

Let’s talk about my favorite fish: salmon! We eat it so often for dinner that we now have numerous ways in which we enjoy it. I frequently get reader requests on how to cook salmon, so I thought I’d share our recipes with you to expand your own healthy dinner recipe collections.  Just a note here to…

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The Best Black Bean Soup

This Black Bean Soup Recipe is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.  Oh friends, do I have an awesome spring dinner recipe for you.  Whenever I see my Uncle E the chef, he gives me amazing cooking tips. He is the mastermind behind this salmon, this vegan sushi, and the best pasta salad you will ever have…

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The best vegan sushi

Whenever I see the fam, I can expect the usual shenanigans. Food and laughter are the main components, with lots of stories, random games, spontaneously passing out on the couch from a food coma, and then repeating. I can also expect that my Uncle E will share some amazing cooking tips or a new recipe…

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The Best Pasta Salad You Will Ever Have in Your Entire Life

It’s a bold statement, but this truly is the best pasta salad ever. We went to our little cousin’s birthday party last weekend, and while it was a blast to hang out with the fam, swim with Livi and hear her sing “Happy Birthday,” the star of my heart was a pasta salad. Not just any…

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Lavender and honey salmon

I never, ever would have thought to do this. Looks like regular salmon, right? Nope, it’s coated in a mix of dried lavender and honey. Best surprising combo I’ve had in a looooooong time. Since my uncle the cheffer has been staying with us, we talk food pretty often. He’s given me some great tips…

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