Friday Faves

 Hi! Happy Friday! Hope you’re enjoying the morning so far <3 I’m off to take a BodyPump class and enjoy the cloudy morning with my favorite little sidekick.

Some faves from the week and around the web:

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A guide to eating intuitively from my friend Anne. She provides a lot of valuable info that you can start using right now.

Toms deodorant. This is an interesting *fave* but I got a free sample in my Yoga Journal swag bag, and even though I’ve been loyal to Secret for years, I crossed over. I’m a fan of natural-based (and some not-so-natural) products, but natural deodorant has always freaked me out. There is no time for experimentation; it needs to work, especially when you teach fitness classes and sweat quite a bit. ;) The Toms version is surprisingly awesome, so looks like that will be the new go-to.

An amazing date night at PrepKitchen. Loved the vibe and interior; Mason jars everrryyyyywhere.

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The chocolate bundino with salted caramel gelato was especially noteworthy…

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50 things you probably didn’t know about Sex and the City. The one about Mr. Big and the Catholic school girls cracked me up. 

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Pumpkin chocolate chip baked breakfast cookies

A gluten-free and satisfying sweet breakfast treat! Make ahead to freeze and enjoy throughout the week.

Hi! How about a cookie? Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself back on the oats wagon. It might just be the season, but I’ve found myself enjoying oats more frequently in fave recipes like these beloved pancakes, breakfast cookie dough cereal, baked oatmeal and breakfast cookies. We’re going through some kind of […]

Stitch Fix wins

Stitch fix blue maxi

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a great afternoon <3 It’s been a while since I’ve done a Stitch Fix (<— referral link) post, and it’s because it’s been a little while since my last great one. I’ve kept a couple of pieces here and there, but nothing that would take up an entire post. I have […]

Surf, turf + an awesome peach and manchego salad


Hi! How’s your day going? Hope you’re having a great one so far <3 I’m blown away by your amazing support with the eBook and so thankful to all of you. I hope you love it! The price will jump from $8 to $12 next week, so grab yours now for the sale price if you’re interested in […]

“Build Up Your Blog”


Hi! How’s your day going? Hope you’re having a fun afternoon. Some exciting news today: my eBook, “Build Up Your Blog” is finally ready to share! This is something I’ve kind of tinkered with in my mind for the past few years. The most frequent requests, by a landslide, that I’ve received through the blog […]

Virtual wine date

wine (1 of 1)-9.jpg

(this early in the morning? Let’s just roll with it haha) If we were having wine right now, we’d probably have to be in Little Italy. I’ve only been once and am already obsessed; can’t wait to go back. And the REAL Italy. I think/wish about going back every day. The urge is real, friends. […]

Get more out of your leg workout


Hi! Hope you’ve had an amazing day so far <3 A pic of Bell, because she looked so pretty standing in the hallway: We’ve had a great morning over here: a Bodypump class,  (found these printed Reebok leggings in the depths of my closet! On sale right now, too.) Liv’s yoga class, and some errands […]

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