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I got these awards last week from the lovely RhodeyGirl—so here are some random facts about yours truly 😀 1. I’m terrified of motherhood. Not the actual process of raising children but rather the process of having them. I convinced that being pregnant would be like having an alien inside your belly. 2. I danced […]

A sweet tater in Brussels

Heyyyyyyyyy 😀 How’s your day going?? Thank you so much for the lovely bday wishes to the pilot and for your sweet potato ideas! I figured I’ll play around after I re-stock the kitchen, and whatever’s left is going in the dehydrator. After this morning’s 5k, I hit a brick wall. So I laid with […]

Happy Birthday, Pilot

I owe ya a red velvet cake…. or maybe a beer cake 😉 We miss and love you <3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ So today was a classic example of the fact that sometimes it’s hard to take your own advice. Case in point: Yes, I ran the 5k this morning. I woke up and didn’t feel 100%, […]

Tea Me

Hey everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope you have something fun going on this weekend 😀 ******Click here to read the final re-cap of our trip to Fresno for the POM Blogger Harvest Tour!****** So last night, I didn’t have an appetite since my throat was killing me, so I made a simple kale salad to get […]

Hello Valdizzy, fleas and cookies

Hey everyone! Wish I had a pic of myself and Pitbull for you, but alas, I’m home in Valdizzy. There was just so much I needed to take care of at home and I’m kind of glad I decided to venture back to the swampland since I’m sick and Bella has ear mites (and fleas!). […]

Raw Chocolate Chip Balls

Hey ya’ll 😀 Here is a guest post from the fabulous Angela on a topic that is very dear to my heart: raw desserts!! Enjoy! <3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi everyone! Angela here from Oh She Glows, Green Monster Movement, and Glo Bakery. I was super excited to do a guest post for Gina this week as […]

Back to reality

Hey everyone! I’m back in Orlando after a truly amazing trip to Fresno. Read all about Part 3 ***here***** 😀 Thank you so much for all of your incredible comments and emails regarding the Love Your Body post! You really know how to make a girl’s day, and every time I go out on a […]

Lovin’ your body

Hey everyone! How’s your morning going?? You’re probably thinking “wait, it’s not another guest post??”. Nope, it’s me 😀 With a very special post for ya’ll: Today is National Love Your Body day….   (Source) A day to appreciate, care for, and celebrate our bodies <3 About this time last year, I had an epiphany […]

Not just for POMtinis

Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Read all about Day 2 of the POM Blogger Harvest Tour ***here***** Stay tuned for another special post tomorrow 😀 xoxo, G

Guest post: Raw Fitness Fueling

Hey everyone! Hope your morning is off to a great start! This morning, I bring you yet another amazing guest post from a girl whom I’ve become good friends with and even had the pleasure of meeting her in New York. Gena, author of the blog Choosing Raw and a raw foods coach, never ceases […]

Cali, baby!

Hey everyone! I’m here in Cali and having a blasty so far 😀 If you’d like to read about my first re-cap of the Fresno trip, please *click here* (Since it is a free trip, I have to have it posted on a separate page, which the ad still showed up on and I just […]

Guest Post: Pumpkins, Pilates and Peas?!

Hey everyone! I’m sitting here at the airport right now, getting ready to board for Cali, but had to post this very special guest post for ya’ll 😀 Here is a woman who really needs no introduction, but I will say that I admire her greatly and will definitely look to her for mom inspiration […]