Rest in peace, iPizzle

Helllooooooo How are ya doing? A good friend died today: I will say it had a long a full life. After getting me through a half marathon, countless runs, cardio and weight sessions, the iPizzle bit the dust. The flashing lights of death happened this morning –which is when the light blinks orange and green- […]

Southwestern stuffed sweet potato


Heyyyyyy How are ya? Hope your morning is treating you well! Thank you so so soooooo mucho for your sweet get well wishes for Bella. She had some food for the first time in a little over a day last night- I had to put the wet food from the vet on my finger and […]

Eggplant Lasagna

eggplant lasagna

Eggplant Lasagna Perfectly portioned for one – 1/2 eggplant (save the rest or if you’re feeling nice, make the husband/SO/friend one and double the recipe), thinly sliced -handful of fresh basil -3/4 cup organic marinara sauce (make your own if you’re feeling Betty Crocker-y or otherwise roll with some delicious organic marinara—look for one with […]

I ate oat bran

and I liked it Hey everyone! How’s your Monday going?? Mine has been helter skelter, but you gotta do what you gotta do Last night before going up to bed, my sweet tooth came a-knockin’. I squashed him with 1/2 nanner, almond butter and vegan chocolate chips: And a Comfy Carob drink We went up […]

Pets make you brave

Helloooooo Hope you had a bueno Sunday! So almost immediately after my last post, Bella got sick (again) and we rushed off to the animal hospital. They checked her and said she was fine, then gave her a anti-nausea shot (which she cried for and I had to hug her and hold her head so […]


I got these awards last week from the lovely RhodeyGirl—so here are some random facts about yours truly 1. I’m terrified of motherhood. Not the actual process of raising children but rather the process of having them. I convinced that being pregnant would be like having an alien inside your belly. 2. I danced my […]

A sweet tater in Brussels

Heyyyyyyyyy How’s your day going?? Thank you so much for the lovely bday wishes to the pilot and for your sweet potato ideas! I figured I’ll play around after I re-stock the kitchen, and whatever’s left is going in the dehydrator. After this morning’s 5k, I hit a brick wall. So I laid with the […]

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