Little Teeth


Hi guys! How are you? Thing are pretty bueno over here. I just picked up the pups from getting their teefers cleaned. They didn’t need any teeth pulled and did great- the whole procedure took less than an hour for both of them, but they kept them at the vet’s office all day to keep […]

If the shoe fits…


Helloooooo HAPPY FRIDAY!! Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 I can’t believe I’ve already taught bootcamp and went with the Pilot to take the puppers to their dental cleaning appointment. Morning and I aren’t usually friends It broke my heart because Bella was running up to all of the nurses with her […]



Hi guys! Hope you’re having a lovely night <3 This is supposed to be a reader’s request post, but I couldn’t think of an idea that sang to me, so instead of writing something mediocre, I’m just going to wait on it. The pilot came home last night at midnight with a half-eaten order of […]

Homemade cashew butter

cashew butter

so I can, so I can… Hi guys How are you??? It’s almost the freakin’ weekend! Thank goodness, eh? Thanks again to those of you who hit up the Sun Warrior deal yesterday. We ran out extremely fast, so OpenSky is ordering more so we can (hopefully) run the promo again on Monday for those […]

Baby Ganoush


Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Indian Food Wednesday. Thank you so much to those of you who have already hit up the Sun Warrior deal – I replenished my stash, too The promo is good until Friday, or until we run out! The inspiration for today’s post title: Thanks, Evan! Love it even […]

Little Goat


Hi guys! It’s INDIAN FOOD WEDNESDAY!! Are you celebrating? I’ve got a hot date with the buffet later… and my husband Heh heh. Last night was so chill. I caught up on emails and read the 5th Harry Potter book. I’m trying to catch up, but that 5th book is a beast! Dinner: A lovely […]

Nice Walmond + Solo Spin #2


Hiiiii How are you?? Things are bueno over here, just made a batch of walmond butter Since we’re moving in about a month and have a surplus of food (including a freezer full of raw nuts!) it’s time to get a little creative I used equal parts walnuts and almonds for the walmond butter, along […]

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