Little Goat


Hi guys! It’s INDIAN FOOD WEDNESDAY!! Are you celebrating? I’ve got a hot date with the buffet later… and my husband Heh heh. Last night was so chill. I caught up on emails and read the 5th Harry Potter book. I’m trying to catch up, but that 5th book is a beast! Dinner: A lovely […]

Nice Walmond + Solo Spin #2


Hiiiii How are you?? Things are bueno over here, just made a batch of walmond butter Since we’re moving in about a month and have a surplus of food (including a freezer full of raw nuts!) it’s time to get a little creative I used equal parts walnuts and almonds for the walmond butter, along […]

His and Her Toast


Hi guys! How’s your morning going??? <3 Since I woke up before the Pilot (a rarity, haha), I made us both some bfast. His toast was covered in Earth Balance and apricot preserves (with an organic ham n’ cheese omelet.. that I overcooked a little, oops) Her toast was French For my French toast, I […]

Cheese n’ Carbs


Hey hey hey Hope you’re having a wonderful night! Thanks so much for the awesome feedback on the vegan mug cake- please let me know how ya’ll like it! After my chocolaty mug cake foodgasm, I decided I needed some veggies in my life, so I munched some spiralized zucchini with marinara, chickpeas and kalamata […]

Chocolate mug cake


Hi guys How’s your Monday treating ya?? Hope you’re having a great day so far- LOVED reading your thoughts on Skinny Bitch this morning. I know ya’ll don’t usually hear from me again this early in the day, but for this recipe… I had to do it I spent a lot of my morning sitting […]

Better Than a Sunday Meal


Hi guys! How’s your morning going?? Hope you’re having a great day so far <3 I will spend my morning dreaming of these onion rings… More on that in a sec Yesterday afternoon, the pilot went to work for a while and I got in a base workout. 25 min on the spin bike + […]

Nut Butter Monster


Hi guys! Happy Sunday Hope you’re having a wonderful and relaxing day <3 I’ve created a nut butter monster…. When I realized that I was out of almond butter this morning, I proclaimed that I’d try to make my own. The Pilot just raised one eyebrow at me. Last time I *tried* to make almond […]

Pilot Dolittle


Hi guys! Happy Saturday! I’m so happy you liked the Reader’s Request gym bag post- mayjah thanks again to Brittany for the idea I never thought I would have a parrot on my arm this lovely Saturday…. Gotta love random squadron events at Wild Adventures, a theme park here in Valdizzy (yes, Valdosta has a […]

Reader’s Request: What’s in the Bag?


Hi guys! Hope you’re having a fabulous Friday! <3 I thought today would be a lovely day for a reader’s request and thought this was a fun one: From Brittany: I’ve always wanted to see is what do you bring to the gym every time (ipod, water bottle, towel.. etc) and also any beauty products […]

Peet Zuh


Hi guys! HAPPY FRIDAY!!! <3 Hope you have something fun going on this weekend Last night after work and bootcamp, things got a little messy around here. It was pizza night! Peet zuhhhhhhhhh I LIVE for pizza We used this mix for the dough, which I bought a while ago and forgot about. I’m not […]

Smoothie Deception


Hi guys! How’s your day been?? Things are bueno over here, especially since I started my day with a cookie A superfood bfast cookie with: -1/2 C oats -1/2 scoop Sun Warrior -maca -Goji berries and cacao nibs -1 T sprouted raw almond butter -almond milk Rumor has it that some of the pilots in […]

Date Night


Heyyyy How are you?? Thank you so much for all of the beautiful anniversary wishes. It was a great day I took the night off blogging to celebrate with this guy…. Swooning allowed… and necessary He took me to Two Friends for dinner, which was the first restaurant we ate at 3 years ago, when […]

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