Hello, loverrrrr


Hi guys! How are ya? Thank you so much for all of the sweet birthday wishes for the Pilot- I’m sure he’ll love reading them later I figured since I did a wordless post yesterday that I’d describe a little more about what we did did, because there was a LOT! Jenny and I first […]

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pilot


Happy Birthday, Mr. Pilot Dick Van Dyke look-alike (Step in time, step in time) My travel buddy     Foodie buddy   Grill Master Supporter of all of my crazy and not-so-crazy ideas Fellow puppy wrangler Future Baby Daddy (not yet- don’t get too excited, haha) and hero.   Love you like crazy <3

Best Day Ever

Make New Blends


Hiiiiii Happy Saturday! Hope you’re having a great morning <3 Thanks for the shopping encouragement yesterday. I’m gonna keep looking but may have to purchase the Express dress anyway Last night, I had an AMAZING dinner with new blog friends (= blends) Kiran, Jackie, Katy, Kelly and Me We dined at Cedar’s, which is one […]

Vino Wear


Hi guys! IT’S FRIDAY!!! What are you up to this weekend?? I’m a late poster today because I had to close last night and open this morning. It’s as painful as it sounds, but I’m off early and have a bloggy dinner tonight- so excited Since it was helter skelter with work, today’s eats have […]

Man n’ Cheese

mac n cheese

Hey guys! How’s your day treating ya? Thank you so much for the lovely compliments on the pics <3 The title for this post isn’t a typo… I got it from an earlier comment (which I think was a typo?) when a reader said she was excited for man n’ cheese. I thought it was […]

Sad Soup


Hey guys!! The weekend is in sight How’s your morning going?? <3 LOVED all of the awesome feedback for Bridal Bootcamp! Forgot to mention to leave a comment *here* after you finish the first workout- we can cheer each other on (and I like to hear what you think of the workouts!) Yesterday afternoon, I […]

Bridal Bootcamp 2010


Hi friends How’s your day been? Mine has been bueno- a killerrrrr yoga sesh and a photo shoot. We took a lot of fun pictures!! Can’t wait to show you For now, I’m super excited for BRIDAL BOOTCAMP 2010!! When I met the Pilot, I had JUST started weight training. I loved thinking about the […]

Outdoor Sweat Sesh


Hi guys! How are you?? It’s Indian Food Wednesday! I’ve REALLY been slacking in the Indian food department lately… time to bring it back, yo. So glad you liked the yoga post! Yoga is amazing because it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you’re in- it challenges everyone! Definitely give it a whirl if you […]

Reader’s Request: Getting Started with Yoga


Hey guys! How’s your day going?? It’s been a while since I’ve done a reader’s request, and thought this was a good one: I lurve me some yoga…. so does Bella but this wasn’t always the case. Even when I first started the blog, I described myself as “more of a Pilates girl than a […]

Green Oats, No Ham


Hi guys How are ya?? So glad you liked the cookie recipe! I already have a request to make some more The cookies came with me to work (I left one at the house as a *tester*- definitely need to make the fam a full batch) because we did the inventory shift last night- 8am […]

The best vegan chocolate chip cookies


Hi guys How’s your day going? Thank you for all of the lovely comments this morning You always make my day so much happier <3 Thank you for all of the content ideas, too! Some of you will be getting treats in the mail when I make them When I was little, I remembered my […]

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