Adventures in babyproofing


Houston, we have a climber. That’s Liv, practicing her latest tricks before settling in for a nap. It’s like the transition from sitting up, scooting/crawling, to pulling up and standing happened so quickly, and makes me very glad we decided to get babyproofing finished early.  Babyproofing is something I thought about a lot while pregnant […]

That’s a spicy ‘rita


Another amazing date night with that one good-looking guy I snagged over at Starbucks. We dined at Acacia, which is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots. They have a great mix of the things we love, fantastic drinks, and locally-sourced organic produce and meat, which is a bonus. Since our last Acacia dinner, I’ve […]

Becoming a yoga mommy


I like to think (hope?) that becoming a mom has made me more patient. Before, I had ants in my pants about 24/7. I HAAAAATED waiting in line (and would determine which line/cashier combo was the fastest within .2 seconds), had a mild case of road rage, and was always in a hurry. When Liv […]

Indian Spaghetti


Rainy night, Indian food on the couch = not too shabby. We made a little stop at Saffron to get takeout for dinner, and per usual, it was everything I could wish for. I’m so excited that we found an Indian restaurant in Tucson that we LOVE. Chicken tikka masala, dal mahkani and chicken vindaloo […]

7/27: Friday Faves


1) This was written in the locker room yesterday, and we laughed so hard. I had rushed to work and forgot to grab morning snacks (rookie mistake), so was planning on going home at 12 to get some food. After being threatened with death, I stayed for dance rehearsal and then came home to stuff […]

Got on my race face

bfast cookie-3.jpg

Not many pics in the land of food for ya today.   Thank goodness I made a breakfast cookie so it would be ready- the whole house woke up at 7:45! I haven’t set an alarm in about 6 1/2 months for anything, knowing my little sidekick would get me up with pleeeeennnnty of time […]

July 26: Tabata Thursday


Hi friends! I’m in between classes right now, but wanted to get up this week’s Tabata Thursday video! We ALL have 4 minutes to spare- shake (or jump, muaha) those legs out and you’ll feel much better. For more info on Tabata training, check out this post. Some things to remember: -Always warm up and […]

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