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Gina: Recent finds

I’ve been getting a little better at putting outfits together, instead of buying something just because I like it and never knowing what to wear with it (I’m looking at you, ankle boots). When I went into HM the other night, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and get some printed things, […]

Triple Threat Cardio Workout

Come glide with me, let’s glide let’s glide awaaayyyyyyyy… I’m playing with the gliders on my lunch break because instead of Zumba, I’m teaching a glide class this afternoon. It’s my first time, so I want to make sure I have enough moves in my back pocket. The whole family is joining in on the […]

Guac and rita

“Wow, that was a really bad meal at Guadalajara Grill.” -No one ever Liv and I met the Pilot at G Grill when he got off work this afternoon. We shared spicy table-made salsa and chips, had a date with our friend ‘Rita, and I enjoyed the Guac-o Tacos while he had the lobster-stuffed salmon. […]


This morning, we had one of the first awake snuggle sessions we’ve had in a while. Liv will always snuggle up before bed as she drinks her bottle, but if I try to lay with her during the day, she pushes up on me and laughs. Or, like this afternoon, I lay next to her […]

Hip hop anonymous

Friday, it’s good to see ya. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks! We’re wrapping up 2 weeks of night flying with the Pilot, which was after him being gone for 2 weeks, so I’m excited to hang out with him again on a regular basis. This week, he’s come home in the middle of […]

Meg: A New Vintage Dress

This Monday and Tuesday, I took a mini vacation up to Phoenix with my best friend Lindy. We drove the two hours North West and spent the weekend thrifting, eating, and spending time with my sister and Vies. We weren’t having much luck thrifting, so we made our way to an antique mall. Things get […]

Random goals + TABATA THURSDAY!

All I have for ya from yesterday are pictures of my dessert: (red wine and a “baked” apple with cinnamon- a little butter, cinnamon, chopped apple, microwaved for 2 minutes) and our Bollywood costume: a gorgeous printed skirt, jingle belt and an anklet. I got to teach Zumba, assist Hip Hop and assist Bollywood- it […]

Chip dance

Whenever the Pilot flies at night, I try to bring on the rain so that his flight is canceled and he comes home. So nice, huh? Last night, in typical Gina fashion, I did the rain dance, and the chip dance.  I was just going to have a couple handfuls but then I dominated the […]

Fig, goat cheese + asparagus salad

It’s dance week at work. I always get so excited for dance week because we offer extra classes, taught by professional choreographers and dancers that come stay at the resort, and have a little recital so the guests can perform what they’ve learned. The dance fitness instructors always do a number, too, (this time it’s […]

8/21: Thoughts from the week

-Thank you so much for all of the awesome car seat tips and recommendations! I’m excited to check out the brands the you listed and decide soon. Little miss is getting to be too tall for her seat, and while we’re going to keep her rear-facing as long as possible, she’ll be more comfortable in […]

How do you like your almond butter?

(Besides the direct transfer from spoon to face) Thank you so much for all of the kind words about Tucker’s return. Within minutes of putting the post up, my friend Carrie found him on Craigslist! He’ll be back home with my family today. Social media is an incredible thing, indeed.  While I waited for news […]

Looking for Tucker- found!!

No *real* post today.. I’m in a sad mood and have been in a bit of a funk. No run this morning- I looked at my planner last night to see that I had an early appt so I quickly texted my friend to cancel some other things and my family’s dog, Tucker has been […]