12/4: Weekly fitness + healthy meal plan

Hi friends! How’s your weekend going? I hope you’re having a great one! We met up with some friends in Old Town for family dinner (+ Friday night margaritas) and spent Saturday playing and getting some work done around here.

I thought I’d share my workouts from last week + our meal plan for this week since we’re planning and prepping. I’d love to hear what’s on the menu for you, too!

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Here’s what last week looked like on the fitness front:

Sunday: OFF (traveling from Tucson back to San Diego)

Monday: Taught Spin

Tuesday: 15 minutes of upper body (P ditched her nap so I took her to the gym for a quick blitz before Kids Club closed), and taught hot barre

Wednesday: Taught Spin (my last class at the club!)

Thursday: Taught Cardio Barre, short booty-lifting workout, + took the pups for a long walk

Friday: Spin instructor training on the new TechnoGym bikes (they are AMAZE); probably 30 minutes of hard work

Saturday: OFF

Barre slay

What I liked about it:

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