Friday Faves + Gymboss giveaway

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend?

We’re all excited to have the man of the house back home after traveling for work this week.

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We missed him like crazy, but definitely kept busy (and had a blast together).

Me and liv

During times like this, I’m extra appreciative to live somewhere with so many fun things to do!

Livi and I met up with friends, checked out the OB farmer’s market, 


Photo 156

(added to the genie pant collection)

Genie pants

enjoyed a zoo day, the library and swimming. We also had some awesome dinners together here at home, including a lovely batch of chicken enchiladas with homemade sauce

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Some more faves from the week and around the web:

-Adventures in fermentation. I made a batch of sauerkimchi this week and it is even better than I anticipated. I’ve made it once, and even though it’s extremely simple to put together, it was still intimidating to me. Really, it takes about 5 minutes to prep.

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I seasoned the heck out of it, hence the name “sauerkimchi” with lots of Pipelchuma, salt and garlic. Will definitely be making more!

Sauerkimchi  1 of 1Speaking of fermentation, the kombucha brewing urge is strong. A new scoby is on the way, and I also have the itch to make some limoncello. Has anyone made it at home? Any awesome recipes or tips to share??

-Loving this flavor from GT, and was carded for buying it which was super awesome. (They give me wine like it’s no prob but the second I want kombucha, I need my ID!)

Photo 3

-Silent rituals from extremely successful people.

-Tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog. I can’t even handle it.

-Sprinkles cupcakes. The vanilla with chocolate frosting is my heaven.


-28 mouthwatering ways to put sriracha on everything.

-Things women need to stop doing. 

-A giveaway from Gymboss! (<— affiliate link) This is the interval timer I’ve been using and have loved for the past few years. It works especially well in a gym setting because the vibration setting alerts you to switch intervals without disturbing others. I have an app on my phone, but during my personal workouts, I often like to put my phone away so it doesn’t distract me (and ok, so I don’t waste time on Twitter instead of planking). This is why I always have my Gymboss in my gym bag, ready to go :) Gymboss offered to send 5 lucky winners each an interval timer.

Violet metallic angle photoshop  1

All you have to do is leave a comment below and I’ll pick and announce the lucky winners on Monday morning.

Today and tomorrow and the last days to enter the Week 4 Summer Shape Up giveaway, too!
Have a very happy Friday <3



Friday Faves

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