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Intimidating Fitness Moves

Ok, so have you ever wanted to try a training plan, saw a certain move and thought: ehhhhh, I think I’m gonna go ahead and skip that? That was an initial hurdle for me when I first started to get into fitness and weight training. I checked out a few plans online, was pretty stoked…

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10 Ways to Lunge

Love all of the cookbook giveaway entries! Keep ‘em coming 🙂 How’s your day going? Things have been pretty bueno over here. The return of breakfast cookie dough cereal (with a crumbled banana almond muffin on top), some oaties (I made them to take over with a baby meal) a morning with Livi, and an…

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Bring it back

Just when I thought it would be an uneventful morning, we had a massive power outage in Tucson. Livi and I were just about to head somewhere air conditioned when it magically turned back on. Thank goodness we both had breakfast before everything went out. Since I’ve been enjoying oats for a snack lately, it’s…

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