Focus On: Video Game Fitness


For a while, the only video game action our house saw was Call of Duty- the Pilot is a fan And then, the lovely representatives from Microsoft were so kind to send a couple of fitness video games that I might enjoy, along with an Xbox Kinect. I very rarely accept products from companies but […]

Strawberry-infused sports drink

strawberry sports drink

At a bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, they have the best infusions…. fresh fruit soaking in vodka, which tastes dangerously like candy. That’s all I can remember to tell you about those drinks. This infusion is a little bit healthier, and will help instead of hinder your next workout Strawberry-infused Sports Drink -3 C hot water […]

Colored denim and printed wedges


When I first saw colored denim last spring, I thought to myself “I’m glad the trend will be gone by next year.” Nope. Here we are again and colored denim is more popular than it was last year. Same thing with skinny jeans… I fought the trend forever because I thought they were horribly unflattering, […]

Back to the inspiration board


Oh, hey Monday. You sneak up on us so quickly Since I’m on another breakfast kick (eating the same thing everyday until I get sick of it) let’s talk about inspiration. Yesterday was the day of the half marathon that I thought I’d be walk/running. It was fun to have a specific fitness event to […]

3/25: Pics from the day


11 week sleep routine


[My last post about sleep for a while, I promise! It’s a valuable commodity, though, and wish I would have read more about sleep routines and tips while I was pregnant] It still mystifies me that babies fight sleep. Someone tells me to go to sleep… um, twist my arm. Goodnight Even though we definitely […]

Shorts weather,


I commend you. It was such a gorgeous day that we ended spending a lot of it outside and things got all kinds of domestic over here. The Pilot worked on the yard I planted some herbs… that I will eventually kill Livi was napping or chilling with us on the patio, and Bella enjoyed […]

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