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11 week sleep routine

[My last post about sleep for a while, I promise! It’s a valuable commodity, though, and wish I would have read more about sleep routines and tips while I was pregnant] It still mystifies me that babies fight sleep. Someone tells me to go to sleep… um, twist my arm. Goodnight 😉 Even though we […]

Shorts weather,

I commend you. It was such a gorgeous day that we ended spending a lot of it outside and things got all kinds of domestic over here. The Pilot worked on the yard I planted some herbs… that I will eventually kill Livi was napping or chilling with us on the patio, and Bella enjoyed […]

Land of bees and honey

A lovely, lazy Saturday over here <3 Breakfast on the patio: a Bella in the sun: and a blooming orange tree, which is making our entire backyard smell like honey. The bees also recently discovered this, but we’re leaving them alone for now and letting them enjoy their pollen fun. Random tip: dish soap mixed […]

3/23: Thoughts from the week

Another long, but at the same time too short, amazing week <3 -Friday has become Eclectic Cafe day with the girls over here. Two weeks ago, we met Kelly, Meara and their babies, last week it was Meg and Marisa, and today with Cheri. We usually sit on the patio, Liv either snoozes on me, […]

Form check

Hey guys! IT’S FRIDAY <3 Thank goodness, ehh? All I’ve got for ya is half a breakfast: Someone is going through a growth spurt, and things have been a little cray over here. She discovered a new octave in her repertoire and the first time she did it, I couldn’t help but laugh because she […]

What flavor is grey?

I’ve mad a lot of gnarly-looking smoothies in my day. This one wins 😉 Grey! Tasty….. To make a grey smoothie: combo of banana, almond milk, spinach, berries, Sun Warrior, hemp seeds, almond butter and cinnamon. Despite its funky appearance, it was quick dose of nutrients and tasted fantastic. This morning’s bfast was a little […]


Did you know that if you have red sangria on a Wednesday, it automatically makes the rest of the week so much better? It is true. The Pilot played hooky today 😉 He took a day of leave so I could go to the dentist (and then couldn’t get an appointment). He still has 90-something […]

The protein debate

Guess who grilled last night?! Actually no, not me. It was fun to pretend for a sec and “check on things” 😉 We did the usual routine: I prep, he grills. The Pilot is just so good at it, and you shouldn’t mess with perfection, really. The star of the show was the veggies: salty […]

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

1. I ate two brownies in my car before walking into the gym to check your food journal. 2. If you come to your appointment with your hair and makeup perfectly done, I make it my mission to have you sweat off the makeup and leave with crazy gym hair. 3. During my own workouts, […]

Focus On: South Beach

It SNOWED in Tucson yesterday! My snowman dreams were crushed when it didn’t stick, but still very exciting. Tucsonans don’t know how to drive in the rain, let alone snow, so we played it safe and had a low key day over here. My only excursion: A ride on the spin bike 🙂 Dinner was […]

Sleep Feat

We had a major sleep victory over here two nights ago: Livi slept through the night! I thought my eyes were messing with me when I heard her start to cry to let us know she was awake, because SUNLIGHT was peeking through the blinds. Sun! Morning! I picked her up out of her bassinet, […]

Rain on the workout parade

Rain on the windows, snow on the mountains a lovely, dreary Tucson day. It decided to jump down 30 degrees for a little wintery chill.. as long as it doesn’t stick around, I don’t mind 😉 Plus, we could use the rain… especially my cilantro that I haven’t watered in at least 4 months. It […]