Livi-isms: 3 year interview

I’ve seen quite a few of these going around lately, and thought it would be a fun tradition to start with Liv. When I picked her up from school the other day, I asked her if she wanted to play the question game. “Yes, I love question games!”

Surprisingly, instead of telling me an entire paragraph about each question (with animated arm movements and thorough backstory), she was down to business with concise answers. It was a crack up. I can’t wait to see how her answers change over time. 

I love this picture so much. We were in Houston, after being stranded at the airport (our flight was late so we missed our connection) and this was at midnight while Tom was checking us into our hotel. Sassy as ever, chilling and eating a banana. 🙂

Livi at tx hotel

What is your name? Olivia

How old are you? 3

What’s your favorite color? Purple

What is your favorite movie? Merida (Brave)

Who is your best friend? Lily

What is your favorite snack? A bar

Where would you like to go on vacation? DISNEYLAND

What is your favorite toy? Tiana (from Princess and the Frog)

What is your favorite outfit? a dress (no surprise here. It is every battle in my life to try and convince her to wear pants if it’s chilly outside.)

What do you want do when you grow up? A doctor

Who is your favorite Disney princess? Tiana

What is your favorite book? Jokes and Riddles

What is your favorite song? “Uptown Funk”

What is something you’re really great at doing? Dancing

What is your favorite thing to do outside? Blow bubbles

What is your favorite restaurant? Coyote Cafe

What is your favorite game? Shoot some ladders (Chutes and Ladders)

What do you love? Daddy

What makes you happy? a smile 


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  1. Cute! Might have to steal this for my little guy 🙂

  2. Perfect! She knows how to do an interview 🙂

  3. Ahhhh I love this! I did a similar (shorter) mini-interview with each of my preschoolers and laminated the answers to give to their parents for Valentine’s Day. My absolute favorite question/response: “What are some special words that you’d like to say to your friends on Valentine’s Day?” “Happy Halloween”

  4. OMG I love her!! Shoot some ladders! TOO.DAMN.CUTE!

  5. Haha, such a sweetheart! Love her sassy picture 😉 XOXO

  6. Awwww! What a cutie pie. I am sure the answer “daddy” just absolutely melted your heart!

  7. So sweet! What a fun interview!

  8. I love this so much! What a cutie pie!

  9. Well this officially made my day! 🙂

  10. So cute! I taught preschool one year and they were so fun to be with… Little tiny people 🙂

  11. This is such a great idea. Adrien’s mom did this from the time he was 3 until he was 20! And she just did another one when she was here over Christmas so he has a random one at 31 😉 Such a fun tradition.

  12. Seriously PRECIOUS!

  13. Cute! Definitely want to start this with my little one when she turns 4. They say the cutest things!

  14. I love the “dancing” answer. I hope she always thinks that she’s really great at dancing.

  15. omg Gina <3 I'm crying! I love her so much!

  16. OMMG soooo cute! i need to do this with my nieces!

  17. this made me smile 🙂 she’s so sweet!

  18. Ah I love this idea so much!!! It will be so fun to see how her answers change over time. And even more fun to look back on them!!

  19. Super cute. I will have to remember this when kids come into the picture. Thanks for sharing!

  20. How cute! I wonder how my daughter would answer these questions! She will be 3 in August 🙂

  21. Cassie T says:

    This is adorable!!! My heart is mushy goodness after reading this!

  22. Vanessa Binicki says:

    “shoot some ladders” oh my gosh that made my day!

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