3/1: things we’re loving this week

A while ago, I wrote a post called “new mom must-haves,” and later realized I probably should have called it “things we’re loving right now.” Of course, all you *really* need is a food source and pair of loving arms to cuddle and change multiple diapers, but the extra things are fun and can make life a little easier. I’m a newbie at this whole shebang and have come to realize that every week something else new or different will work and old faves will be put on the backburner. Prime example: the bouncy seat. Liv LOVED it in the beginning and would just sit in the bouncy seat and look around with the ocean setting playing. Now, 4 seconds in there and she’ll scream for me to pick her up.

Now, she loves the babysitter balance- maybe because she controls the bounce?

babysitter balance

I love the babysitter balance, too, because I can bring it in the bathroom with us and she watches me get ready for the day. I tell her what I’m doing (“now I’m going to brush my teeth to keep my teeth and gums healthy!” I sound like the biggest goober all the livelong day, but I like to talk to her and explain what’s going on and different things we do and see) and today was my first time using it in the kitchen. She kicked and bounced while she watched me make a sandwich for lunch, and then I sat on the floor and ate it next to her, while reading her a book. SO much better than eating while she’s napping in the Moby, crumbs falling onto her head.

Speaking of the Moby, it’s been replaced for now by the Baby K’tan.


When I first got pregnant, I thought I’d like babywearing, so I talked my friend Nicole (aka the babywearing cloth diaper natural remedy guru), she suggested the Moby and Baby K’tan. After reading reviews online, I couldn’t decide and ordered both. We love both options, but I recently discovered that the K’Tan is sooooo much easier to use. No multiple crazy yards of fabric, just two large loops and a small support loop, and they also have a mesh option, which could be amazing in the dead of Tucson summer.

Jacque the Peacock


Livi’s first toy “friend.” She smiles when she sees him and babbles away. She’s also a huge fan of her rainforest gym- she loves looking at all of the animals and it’s our spot for tummy time, which she’s rocking out. Liv has some serious neck muscles already.. she can hold her head upright on her own, and the midwives couldn’t believe how strong and alert she was when she was born. After she came out, she was turning her head and looking side to side- they said they’d never seen anything like that. (Or they could have been trying to make me feel good after the whole ordeal? Haha)

Mommy’s Bliss


I mentioned that we sometimes have a witching hour over here, and Mommy’s Bliss gripe water has been fantastic. Sometimes her cranky pants are brought on by gas, and this little elixir (which contains natural ingredients like fennel and ginger) helps her to feel better. Our doc gave it the “ok” after reading the ingredients, especially since many infant gas remedies can contain alcohol or saccharin.

Also out:

-The Brest Friend is no longer my brest friend, but it was great while I needed it. Many of you let me know that it contains a carcinogenic chemical, and we’re finally to the point where I don’t need a support pillow to hold her in place. The Boppy works better now too since she’s bigger.

Things we’re still loving:

-The pump, in a love/hate way. Pumping is a pain, but it works 🙂

-Bamboobies and nursing tanks (still wear one everyday under whatever shirt I’m wearing)

-Sleepy sheep

-Zip-ups and nighties

-California Baby products (does anyone know of a good baby sunscreen? We’re off to the zoo and an air show this weekend. Also time to order baby noise protection headphones…)

-Amazon. They still own me 😉

Family page Q and A: Tomorrow a Q & A post will be up, so please let me know if you have any questions about my pregnancy, the birth, or things we’re going through now <3 I always love reading stories and tips from other women and mamas, so I’m looking forward to hearing your responses, too!

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  1. Maggie on March 2, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    For the Q&A, I’d love to know how YOUR personal get-ready-for-the-day routine has changed with Liv here! What shortcuts and products help you get dressed and prettied-up when you’re on the limited time-schedule that a baby gives you?

    Also, now that Liv’s here, do you worry more or less about her than you did before she was born? For example, I don’t even plan to have kids for probably another 5 years, but just the thought of all that COULD happen to my FUTURE children makes me sick to think about (I’m very neurotic…obviously, haha!). Did you have those worries before/while you were pregnant, and how are your worries different now?

    Love these Family posts, by the way! So cool to read about your experiences and get a little bit of an idea of what I may be in for down the road when I have a munchkin of my own.

  2. Jamie @Food in Real Life on March 2, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    I’m curious what you use/how you nurse Olivia in public. I can’t imagine not having my brest friend pillow with me 24/7 to nurse. Maybe it’s just because she’s so tiny still? I was thinking maybe I could prop her up on my diaper bag with a clean blanket over top?

  3. Tali Zipper on March 6, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Hi, My name is Tali and I work for Baby K’tan. I stumbled upon your post and loved your photo/your section about Baby K’tan! I was wondering if we could use your photo and quote you on our website, facebook, etc.? Please feel free to email me at tali@babyktan.com. Thanks!

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