Gym Ditcher

Last night I happily ditched the gym

and went on a date 😉


(Malbec! Yum.)

During the week, when the Pilot comes home, we’ll hang out and have dinner, put Livi to bed, and I’ll hit up the gym for a little while. When my mom called on her way home from work to see if we wanted to go out while she hung out with Liv, we took her up on the offer 🙂 It was our first time out together in almost 8 weeks without our little sidekick- weird and wonderful at the same time. When we came home, she was bathed, in her nightie, and cooing at her nana <3

Breakfast this morning was the return of one of my faves:


Breakfast cookie!

Why oh why haven’t I made one of these in so long? Oh yeah, because I’ll eat the same breakfast every day for a month or so, burn out, switch breakfasts and repeat 😉

I got the mix together and added some blueberries


and left the required “taster” amount in the bowl to eat before putting the rest in the fridge 😉


It was just as glorious as I remembered.

Random tidbit: the Pilot haaaaaaates breakfast cookies. Whenever I’m making one, I tease him and say something like “your favorite breakfast will be waiting for you in the morning!” just to watch him roll his eyes. Once he said when I get a book deal, he’ll eat an entire breakfast cookie. I’ll load it up with chia seeds, mesquite powder, cacao nibs, goji berries, spirulina, the works 😉

So today is the beginning of a new month, a chance to start fresh, plan out goals and events, and evaluate how February went. Here’s how fantastic it was over here:

1. Buy something red. New red top: check 🙂

2. Make a new Superbowl recipe. No Superbowl recipes over here, but I did make some new amazeballs flavors!

3. See a mushy, lovey flick. I haven’t been to the movies since… Horrible Bosses with my friend Emily? It’s been a LONG time! I still am dying to see The Vow, but looks like I may be waiting until we can watch it On Demand. That way, I can eat bowls full of popcorn with chocolate chips and cinnamon on our own comfy couch 😉


4. Do something that you’ve been putting off. I dominate the mail pile, next on the list: a trip to the department of motor vehicles. My soul.

5. Profess your love or gratitude to someone unexpected- just a simple email or card to tell someone you appreciate someone can go a long way. Not totally unexpected, but I put together something for the midwives to tell them how much we love and appreciate them.

6. Take someone special out on a date. Last night! And it was awesome 🙂

7. Try out a new cardio workout. I started taking employee Tabata and World Beat classes at work to get ready to start teaching again. I definitely need to take more Zumba classes to refresh my “shaker” muscles and am still really weak as far as endurance goes. Every day I get a little bit stronger, and I feel like by the time I go back, I’ll be ready for it.


If you’re looking for a new workout to try, here are the ones I posted in February:

WSU week 4 and Schweaty February Workout

-V-day Booty Blast

Biscuits are burning! Elliptical workout


-Leap Year Leg Workout

8. Buy some Valentine’s candy. Eat it. I ate quite a bit of chocolate in February… but that’s not unlike any other month 😉 I am sad to say I missed out on the chalky candy hearts- the white ones are my favorite.

9. Master a heart-opening yoga pose. I love camel pose, and the next heart opener I want to work on is scorpion:

ICP Source

Pretty badass, huh?

I could do it against a wall this time last year, so after getting that back, being able to do it unassisted is a yoga goal of mine.

10. Find a new blog to add to your rotation. Per your suggestions, the blog that I became hooked on in February is Enjoying the Small Things. I read the birth story, cried my eyes out and was instantly inspired and filled with love for this beautiful family. The photography is amazing, too.

So how was your February? What’s something you accomplished that you’re proud of?

Hope your day is going well so far!



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  1. Chelsea @ One Healthy Munchkin on March 1, 2012 at 9:33 pm

    Yay for date night! You guys deserve it. 🙂

    My biggest accomplishment for February was passing my goal of running 50 miles in the month. Next month I’m aiming for 60!!!

  2. Shaina on March 1, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    I just read that birth story and wow….ripped my heart out. Did you guys choose to have the genetic screening done for Livi – the quad screen or something like that? I never knew it was offered to everyone, I thought it was just “geriatric” pregnancies until my doc asked us if we wanted it. We chose not to.

    • Shaina on March 2, 2012 at 11:21 am

      And then I dreamt last night that it happened to us and my husband wouldn’t talk to me because I turned down the generic testing when I was pregnant. That would never happen but yikes! Maybe no more birth stories until after baby comes.

      • Fitnessista on March 2, 2012 at 11:25 am

        we did have both parts of the screening done. it was an extra ultrasound (i loved seeing the baby!) and insurance covered it, so we went for it. we knew it wouldn’t affect our choice or love for the baby, but if we needed to prepare more in advance for her arrival, it would be beneficial for all of us

  3. Jessica @ The Process of Healing on March 1, 2012 at 11:58 pm

    Go you for date night! That’s important!!
    February has been a great month.. I got into my dream school!

  4. Laura @ She Eats Well on March 2, 2012 at 1:27 am

    The Vow was super, super sweet and cute. I have a big girl crush on Rachel McAdams, so gorgeous. And you just inspired me to make a breakfast cookie…it’s in my fridge right now waiting for me in the morning, hooray! Happy March!

  5. Michelle on March 2, 2012 at 1:58 am

    Wow, you did have a fantastic February! You always amaze and inspire me with how much you are able to accomplish in life, especially now with your beautiful lil’ baby. I heard about the birth story on “Enjoying the Small Things” blog from another blog awhile back, and like you, I bawled my eyes out reading it. Then a few weeks later, I bawled my eyes out again as I was telling my sister about it. The part that really tore me up was when her dad (the baby’s grandfather) held the baby and said “It’s okay, we love her.” And then proceeded to pray and thank God for this beautiful little baby. Chokes me up just typing this. What a sweet man. And a beautiful and inspiring family.

  6. Kayla on March 4, 2012 at 11:29 am

    The white ones are my faves too! Loving your blog & your workouts too!

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